Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bridal Shower at Work

I got a little cute invite at work the other day... and it was to my own bridal shower! It wasn't intended for me to see - but someone who saw it, passed it on to everyone in the entire district - which just so happened to include me. I felt so loved, considering I didn't think many people even knew my name!

Which in a way, I'm kind of glad that I saw it because I could prepare my self. I got sick during the week, but made it back in time for the shower! Otherwise, that would be bad if I didn't make it to my own party, right?

I can't say enough about Mary Beth. She has been like my best friend here and is so thoughtful and fun to be around. She was so upset when she found out that the email about the surprise bridal shower got back around for me because she worked on the planning the party for an entire week. You guys would love her as much as I do if you knew her! Arizona has been hard for her as well being so far away from her family, and she is def. someone I can rely on here. It meant so much to me that she thought of me during this time.

Of course, I forgot, once again to get a picture of everyone. Boo. Hopefully at the wedding, we get group pictures of people! LOL. I mean, I can't forget that. 

Thank you Mary Beth for throwing me such a great party! Also thanks for everyone else who had a part in it, everyone that was able to make it, and thank you for all the thoughtful gifts (flip flops that say just married, our favorite candy, a fun photo album, and etc.)! :)

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