Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well hello there.

Oh I’ve missed you! How is everything going? Lately, it’s been pretty crazy over on my end.

*I’ve been having wedding nightmares, constant. You know the ones you wake up in a sweat and you lose sleep over. It is a good reminder of what things needs to be done for the wedding.
*Getting our FHA inspection (which I thought would have been at the beginning of this week), is a very slow process.
*We have been packing, getting things ready for a garage sale, 
*I haven't told anyone at work yet that I'm moving. I don't know how I'm going to tell my boss, but I have been updating my resume.
*Instead of doing wedding stuff, like I should, I am instead looking at houses that we can purchase within a certain income, since I have no idea what my income will be like.
*Trying to get a hold of our DJ for the past week and a half (every day), with no returned phone calls. How annoying.
*Trying to figure out wedding plans and wedding times of when things need to occur, gathering wedding responses (which by the way, not a lot of people have responded and our response date is next Saturday!) 
*Dealing with family member issues
*Trying to make my appointments for the wedding and confirming them
*Trying to make appointments for dental, eye, and etc. before my benefits will run out.

But you know what I’m not doing? Working out. And I just don’t really care. There is too much on my mind to think about. Everyone else thinks I’m crazy, even my co-worker who is already super skinny, is doing Insanity for her wedding in December! I on the other hand, just came home to put my feet up, eat an ice cream (it’s Weight Watcher’s guys!), and wait out this storm that is coming through the Phoenix area. And hope and pray that I fit in my dress.

Yupp, that’s right. That’s about how life is going right now. So the last thing I want to do is work out. I don’t know why, I feel so good afterwards. But there’s a storm coming through (hahaha, excuse of the day). 

I'm just waiting for the moment that we can breath, and be on our honeymoon already. Even though I'm excited about our wedding, there's only so much I can handle at once.

Ahh... yes, cannot wait. :) I heart you Hawaii and will see you soon!

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