Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet Trig

World, meet Trigger aka Trig-o-mite.

Isn't he just too stinking cute??? I found him while I was running errands at 6 am on a Saturday a couple weeks ago. I stopped my car and he came running up to me and jumped on me and licked me right across the face. I will say that at first I was scared, but how could you not fall in love with this precious face? I immediately found his tag with his owners numbers and put him in the car. I called Travis while I was driving home and told him, "Don't worry he has an owner!" That way he wouldn't freak of us having to foster another dog.

When I got home, I let Trigger and Tatum play together in the backyard. It was so cute to see Tatum play - and see Trigger kiss Tatum. We tried calling the owner and no answer. We figured it was because it was 6 in the morning, so we tried calling back a hour or two afterwards. Still no answer. Then finally, Travis called again. Trav told him he found his dog, and the owner replied, "Just shoot him." What???? Who does that?

So when they asked if we wanted him of course we said, "Yes."  When we asked them what they knew about Trigger they stated that a friend gave him to them and that they've had him for a month. They didn't know anything about him except that he escaped a lot. That's all they knew about him for having him for a month??? We learned in the first ten minutes of him being at our house, that he was sweet, loveable, adored kisses, and like to play fetch - even jumping into the pool to catch the ball.

Maybe he got out because he was bored out of his mind? Or maybe it was the fact that he wasn't neutered. I don't understand why people don't neuter their animals here. Maybe it's because they all want to breed their animals and make a buck out of it, but it's awful. I heard somewhere that one of the pound's here picked up over 1,000 animals in 3 days and that it's so full that they've had to put many animals on the e-list. Just breaks my heart. How could people so stupid? Neuter your animals.

Anyways, so we called one rescue. They've been great and paid for his shots and paid for him to get neuter. He has seemed like he has calmed down a lot, but maybe it's because he's getting attention to and he doesn't need to get out of the house. Trust me, he's had a couple opportunities, and he still may run off, but as of right now, he hasn't tried very much or hasn't tried very hard. Anyways, this rescue is unable to take him because he's full. I'd call our other rescue we would work with, but I don't think he's "lab" enough for them. We called our other rescue too, and they'd take him, however, they don't check out the homes. I wouldn't mind, but, I want him to go to a good home because he's such an incredible little guy. And we're not taking him to the pound.

So at the moment, we are planning on taking him to Indiana with us. We might adopt him, but we're still planning on hoping finding him a home that is better than ours. We'll see. Travis' mom thinks she might know a couple of people who are interested.
And don't let Trav fool you, he loves him too. He sent me a text message yesterday saying, "Trig is so cute. I went into the room for a min. He passed out on his bed. I couldn't find him, and he was sleeping on his bed like a little baby." 

Trig does remind us of a baby - he has to carry his stuffed animal toy everywhere with him and he has to follow us almost everywhere. And he watches and observes to see what Tatum does and looks up to his "big brother". He can get Tatum to play every day - which is something because I don't think he really played too much with any of our fosters (he would only play once in a while). Tatum's personality is more on the lazy side, so I like that he can keep him a little more on the active side. I think they balance each other out.

We're in love and I'm sure there will be a post soon about him getting adopted.. and yes, probably by us.

Hope all is going well with you guys. Sorry I haven't been able to post that much, it's just been crazy with everything that's going on, especially when you're selling your home and things go wrong the week before you move and a week before you leave for your wedding!!!!! Eeeksss!!!

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