Friday, August 17, 2012

Invitation Madness

Being the slacker I am, the invitations just arrived this week. You know - already 8 weeks till the wedding. Technically wedding invites aren't supposed to go out 6-8 weeks, but I have already been asked about the invites and where they're at. Yikes.

Let me tell you picking out invitations isn't an easy task. There are so many choices such as the font type, the color, the proper way to say things, etc. I had so many proofs that at the end, I just hope that everything looks good because the last thing I want someone to tell me that something is spelled wrong.

I basically wanted to go with the cheapest thing I could find that I liked, which happened to be a send-and-seal. This is where everything is attached, and you just rip the RSVP part off. I like it because there are not so many envelopes inside envelopes.

But even picking the send-and-seal isn't cheap. I would have liked to make my own invites, but I know that it wouldn't turn out well, so I didn't try.

To be honest, I'm really happy how they turned out. The girl said she didn't like how the red and white look together, but I think it's beautiful. I even got a compliment when they arrived on how beautiful they are.

Oh and don't forget about the stamps. Holy moly - they are expensive and take forever to put on the invitations. The other night I literally spent 5.5 hours (even with Trav's help) putting our invitations together and I put labels on (which by the way, isn't appropriate, but when you don't have a lot of time to get out invites and you don't want your hand to fall off from writing so much), then you have to do what you have to do.

Then I made these pretty little inserts that say where we're registered, and put labels on them to tell everyone we are moving and where to ship them. I was excited, until they fell out of the invitations! (The only thing that holds are invitations together are stickers).

But anyways, they look good, and they are sent out (except for a few that I'm still awaiting addresses, guests name, and whatnot for).  

These are almost as difficult as making your guest list (don't even get me started about that). Just make sure you know at first how many people you want to invite, and make sure to give certain others a number on how many people they can invite, because otherwise it will end up becoming messy!)

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