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Hi ya'll!

Can't believe that it's already July. Today is exactly 3 months from our wedding day - can't believe it. Time is going by so fast. There are so many things going on and of course I find some good stuff to blog about, but then, I get so busy that I completely forget. You get the bad end because all you get is updates. Sorry!!!

Anyways, here's what's going on in every front:


In case you didn't know, Trav got into school which means we will be moving to TN. Which means, putting the house up on the market and etc.
Which means more expenses sooner than what we thought. I'm excited about the move, however, everything is coming all at once and I feel like I don't even really know what's going on.

Trav is doing really well besides that - he's a stud like always! I can't even describe how proud I am of and how amazing he is.

Oh and yes, and his family should be visiting soon. :)

My parents were able to come for a visit for a week! Woo hoo! It was bittersweet because this could have been the last time they have been in Arizona.

We spent most of their vacation time lazying (is that even a word?) around. It was sooo nice because we're all trying to save money and it's just nice to spend some quality time together without getting exhausted by trying to fit in everything in their vacation. Plus, Tatum loved having more attention because he is such an attention seeker. LOL.
Tater is now starting to put his paws in the pool all by himself! This is a huge accomplishment since this boy HATES the water. Trav seems to believe that he'll start getting in the water before we have to leave and when we won't have a pool anymore. It's possible.

Plus the Tot loveeeessssss the laser pointer!

These little kittens are so dang cute. Sometimes annoying, but super cute and they have been longer with us than what we could imagine. Partly my fault (okay, so probably most of it) since I've missed their neuter clinic (so not on purpose) and that they have been sick. FYI, kittens get sick all the time. I'm sure puppies do too, but I don't understand since they are inside kitties.

I have been trying to talk Trav into letting us keep two of them: Mittens and Garfield. I know, 2 cats? I doubt it, but these little boys are soooooo dang cute and are attached to each other, so you can't really separate them. The boys should be getting neutered this upcoming week. We'll see how that goes.

Job Front

Well there is not too much to say here. Can't you tell how much I love my job?
Can't believe it will be here before we know it. We are thinking about putting up the house for sale in Aug. I'm hoping that someone will think it's wonderful as much as we do, and snatch it up. But I'm scared. Even though we got our house for a great deal, the houses around us aren't up for sale that much. And yes, we like everyone else, we would like to make a profit.

We are actually planning on getting a trailer instead of renting a Uhaul and pack up all of our stuff and move it when it is time to go to Indiana for the wedding rather than flying. That way we'd have someone to watch Tatum, we wouldn't have to pay for storage (we can keep our stuff at a family's member) and it just seems so much logical - except for the almost 30 hour drive. But when we come back from our honeymoon, we will only have 2 weeks left before we move to TN. If the house is sold by then, we're hoping we can crash at a friends house for 2 weeks.

The second week of November we will be going to TN. We're hoping to stay there for a week to look for houses (yes, we're planning on buying a house since we don't think an apartment is much of an investment, plus having a part pit bull just doesn't cut it for most apartment complexes). A week to find a house! We're crazy!!!! Trav will have his orientation as well for school, so we might be able to find someone to rent a room in our house (if we can). Not the best idea of marriage life when living with having a roommate, but if they can help pay the bills then it may just be worth it.

I have been day dreaming about houses more than the wedding I will admit. I'm so excited because that will be part of our future, a wedding is too of course, but, a wedding a only a day long. I'm more excited for marriage and the whole idea of being a wife. I also am excited to be able to support my husband (even though I'm scared out of my mind at the same time) so he can go to school, get a better education and get a great job for our future. So if I have to work my butt off for 3 years, that will def. pay off in the end.

Plus, thanks to Pinterest, I have a million new ideas of what I'll want to do with our place. What colors to paint, some diy projects, and just everything cute.

I got my dress altered while my family was in town. My mom made the whole experience worth it because when I tried the dress on she was speechless. And when she was able to say something she kept telling me how gorgeous I looked and kept saying things like "wow". That's an awesome feeling to have especially since she liked another dress prior to that which she seemed to like better, but I told her that dress style wasn't for me.

We are also in the process of ordering invitations. I wanted to do them myself, but I just don't know where I will find the time. Plus, anything I'd put together myself, probably wouldn't turn out incredible anyways. But invitations are SOoooo expensive - even with the cheap ones (which is what we got). And there is so many decisions to make - what kind of font do you want (cursive and print),  what color, what do you want it to say and etc. And of course, I take forever to figure it out. They have sent us some proofs, but I still have to make some changes (address to my parents home and whatnot).

We also have found a DJ. Our wedding budget has almost tripled from what we wanted it to be. I just don't want to deal with the whole Ipod too with 200 some people at the wedding. Plus I really like that he (at Jocelyn's wedding) made the announcements and told us where we needed to be and what we were doing. Things will get messed up if we decide when things happen. So we have to send in the paperwork for that too.

Wow, lots of updates. We're excited for a new start in life, putting the house up for sale, moving our stuff to Indiana, our wedding, honeymoon, marriage life, leaving, finding a new place to start our marriage life, Trav to go to school, finding a new job and all together, having a future together. :)

Hope everything with you is going well! I'll try to catch up on everyone's blogs when I get a chance.

P.S. In between this time, someone hit the truck while I was driving it - apparently he tried to get in the only left turning lane when I was already in it (guess he didn't see the massive truck next to him). Awesome. He told so many different stories - told the cops that he was already in the turning lane (impossible) and that I did all this "damage", the cops gave him a ticket for an unsafe lane change, then he called my insurance company telling his crazy story and told them that he didn't get a ticket (which on the police report it states he got a ticket), my insurance company said that his story didn't even make sense, then he told his insurance company that I was trying to get into the center lane (which is impossible since I always take the same route to work every morning) and I was a block away from work) and now his insurance company won't pay for the damage since there was no witnesses. I couldn't believe how many lies this guy has told - and the damage is very minor (only like $100). Many headaches - it's just awful when someone lies like that. 

My advice to you: if you get in a car accident, no matter what the damage, call the cops and have them come out to write a police report. With how many lies this guy had, he could have easily said it was a hit and run, could have said he was injured, and whatnot. Thank goodness the cops came up and gave him a ticket because this guy is a lying sob.

Anyways, loooovvveeeeeee you!

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  1. LOVE all the updates! Congrats to Travis on getting into school and yay and boo for moving! I won't get to see your house now:( But hopefully, someday, I'll get to see your new one! I miss you tons and can't wait to see you in a few short months!!!! XoXo


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