Friday, July 27, 2012

Me vs. Me

I want to be the type of person who (in no particular order):

*A wonderful wife, mother (even fur ball momma!), best friend, daughter

*A woman of faith
*A beautiful person inside and out
*An awesome cook
*A person who enjoys cleaning and organizing
*A person who is always willing to help others
*A person who is fun to be around and always looking for a new adventure
*A stylish woman - who is always presentable
*A DIYer
*A photographer
*A person who makes the best out of what they are given
*An awesome listener
*A fantastic host
*Someone you always know you can turn to
*A fast willing learner
*A person who is confident and does the best for her, her family, and her body
*A great blogger (I feel like it's one of the best ways to keep track of events in your life)

Who I actually am:

*Lazy - I don't work out, I don't like to clean, and the only reason I'll make food is if it's a yummy dessert (usually from a box)
*Non-stylish - I wear the same clothes over and over again and I haven't worn make-up in ages (awful doesn't even describe it)
*Not a person who makes the best of everything - I resent not having a "perfect life", a job that I enjoy, and I def. can't say that I'm creative
*A horrible time manager - Lately, when I get home, all I do lately is pop on the couch and stay there for the rest of the night
*A very slow learner - I don't know if it's because I'm not passionate what I need to learn about and whatnot
*I haven't gone to church since we found out that Trav got into school (this is what God wanted, and I haven't spoke to him, prayed to him, or learned about him in a long time)
*Not an adventure seeker - I'm not wanting to go climb a mountain just because and always seem to find some sort of excuse on reasons not to go & currently it's because it's summer
*Non-thankful lately, I haven't told the people that mean the most to me thanks in a really long time

*I can feel really little next to some people

Wow.. that was a negative Nancy, huh? Well... but I do have some good qualities about myself:

*I love to help others

*My passion falls with the lines of children and animals
*I'm a good friend to have
*I like to see others be successful
*I'm easy going and easy to get along with
*I'm realistic and don't need to have everything fancy
*I'm an easy person to please
*I can think the world of someone
*I believe that that the prettier you are in the inside, the prettier you will be on the outside
*I love being able to hang out with the people I love

So I realized that some things that need to change. I know there are lots of things about myself that I'm not happy with, but I can't bring all of that into a new marriage, a new start on life in a new area, and etc. On top of that, I can't be a person that I'm not happy with.

So my goals starting now (through the rest of my life) will be:

*Be a person you can always feel like you can talk to - and a person who makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world.
*Be more social and adventures. Try more things and meet new people.
*Be kind to the world around me. Help in any way possible.
*Be a woman who relies heavily on her faith and the type of person that will pray with you.
*Enjoy life to the fulliest.
*Be thankful
*Be that wife that others want to be, mother, daughter, and etc.

But I think what really needs to happen, is that I need to go back to church. It's effecting me more than what I could ever think would be possible. So on Sunday, you'll know where to find me in the morning, praying hard to God so that I become the person he wants me to be, and the person that I want to be.


  1. I know what you mean in ALL of this!! I started going back to church a few weeks ago. This past weekend had me in tears:/ I pray that I can find my way! I miss you SO MUCH!! :(

  2. Our ideal selves are always far from what we want to be, but it gives us something to strive for! But your good qualities are pretty good.


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