Friday, June 22, 2012

RIP Evan

On Father's Day Trav got a call from a friend saying that Trav's friend, Evan passed away. That was a blow that Trav wasn't expecting. He played football and baseball with Evan. Evan was driving in his car and slid off the road and hit some trees making the car catch on fire. It feels so unreal because Evan came to our house not too long ago - it feels like just the other day.

It was my first time meeting Evan and I can tell you he was one of those people that had you laughing constantly and made you feel like you knew them forever. He had a smile that was contagious. And for realizing that in one day of just meeting the person, you know he had a good guy.

Trav and I have been looking on his facebook and it's full of words from friends and family. All say things about what a great guy he is, how just meeting people he would make them feel like they were instant friends, and memories of Evan. Evan was incredible, and it's so sad that he was taken so young and he could have continued to do so many more great things if he was given more time on earth. 

There was something on the news about people who are deceased and their facebook profiles. In the new modern day of remembering people, sending them messages and pictures where you can always write on their walls. That's awesome because whenever you think about that certain person, you can go ahead and write them a message. It is how you could express yourself in grieving, and like the girl that was interviewed, "It makes me feel like he's still here."

But I am so glad that his family is able to get on his facebook to see his messages of all the love that Evan has received lately. Evan though they miss Evan, they should be happy that their son is so loved by so many people and that there are tons of prayers and love being sent to their family.

RIP Evan. Everyone misses you, but we know that you're smiling down from heaven and watching over your friends and family. 

Please send prayers to Evan's family/friend's. They need them at a time like this.

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