Friday, June 15, 2012

Happily Ever After: Jocelyn and Joel

Here's Jocelyn's and Joel's wedding photos that you have been waiting for (might be a little of a photo overload):

Isn't Jocelyn beautiful??? She's gorgeous in every way - inside and out and such a wonderful person to know. I wish everyone would have the chance to meet her because you'd fall in love with her instantly. So proud to call her my best friend.

Maid of Honor Speech:

Good Evening,

For those of you who don't know me my name is Ashley. Jocelyn is my best friend and is more like a sister to me. And doesn’t she look stunning tonight?  Joel, don’t worry, you do too!

I knew Jocelyn and I were going to be best friends from the first day of freshman year of high school in biology class. There was an instant bond with her, from the moment I turned around and asked her, “Your last name starts with a ‘Z’ too?” You’d only understand if you were always last in the alphabet too.

Since then, no major event has happened in my life in the past 10 years that Jocelyn has not been by my side. We've shared tears of joy and tears of sorrow over the years. She has always been one that I can rely on. I don’t know where I would be without her. She is a beautiful person, a wonderful mother and she makes Joel very happy.

Today one of her biggest dreams came true. The day she got to marry the love of her life. I would like to say congratulations to Jocelyn and Joel. It meant so much to me to watch my best friend celebrate this special day. This day came so quickly and I hope you both take the time to enjoy each and every moment.

Now, everyone raise your glasses and toast to love and laughter and happily ever after.

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  1. Oh bejeezus your speech was amazing and she is the MOST beautiful bride!!!!


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