Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was the "bomb"! I loved each and every minute of it! But of course, I forgot to take a picture with all my guests (GASP, how do you do that???!!!), nor did I bring my camera, so all these pictures are borrowed from friends and family.

The first game we played was a mad lips game that the guests played trying to show the outcome of the wedding (and not to worry, ha!)

Mad Lips Game

The day was finally here, October 13th 2012, Ashley work up realizing it was her wedding day. With much enthusiam she shouted, (exlamation) "Crap! I forgot the (noun) church." She threw on her (adj) beautiful (article of clothing) dress and hopped on her (mode of transportation) big wheel and headed to (place) Vegas. Ashley found exactly what she was looking for at (same place) Vegas in every shade of (color) pink.

Meanwhile, Travis (verb past tense) cried to the tv to watch a (sport) cricket game/match. (Exclamation) "Yikes! I'm hungry." He grumbled as he headed to the kitchen and grabbed a (adj) hot (food) hamburger and a (adj) steamy (drink) long island

After (verb-ing) swinging Ashley realized it was time to put on her (adj) cold  wedding dress but there were (insects) centipedes all over it. So (person in bridal party) best man Trey (verb-ed) spared them. Ashley screamed where's, "(person's name) John" when you need them? After the dress Jocelyn offered to help Ashley with her makeup and started applying her (color) blue eyeshadow and (color) hot red lipstick. "It's perfect!" said Ashley, "I look (adj) flaming!"

Losing track of time Travis said, "I have (#) 13 minutes till the ceremony, I better put on my special surprise (color) orange suit and my (texture) furry tie. After putting on his (adj) sweaty boots, Travis exclaimed "(explamation) Oh no! I look like a (adj) ginormous cowboy! Just what I was going for!"

Finally it was time to say their vows. Ashley gazed at Travis (adj) humid (body part) toes as Travis vowed to her, "I will always (chore) vaccum for you (term of endearment) honey bunches". Ashley flashed a (emotion) excited look and said to Travis, "And I will always (relaxing activity) bubble bath for you."

Once the pastor pronounched them man and wife, Ashley and Travis kissed for (#) 27 minutes while the guests (verb-ed) snowed.

Staches and Tiara's

This game was so much fun! Kate's husband even helped out cutting the little staches for the guests :)

Some Questions asked:
1.) What would you name your first child? 
     Answer - Girl - Austin Boy - Braxton (both answered)
2.) One word to describe your mate
     Answer - Unconditionally (Trav said this :) )
3.) TP over or under?
     Answer - OVER, the other person always puts it on the wrong way! (Trav, but in self defense, does it really have a right way to put it on?)
4.) When you come home from work, what do you want first? 
     Foot rub (Trav)
5.) Most embarrassing moment? 
     Trying to go through a glass door = fail. (Me) P.S. I'm pretty sure everyone put the tiara up for that one! LOL.
6.) One word to describe your first kiss?
     Answer - Basement :) (Trav)
7.) Best vacation
      Answer - WI; getting engaged (Trav)

Not going to lie, Trav had some pretty awesome answers! All mine were pretty  boring! LOL.

Toilet Paper Game
This is the game that I especially requested. It was so much FUN! It was hard to make a decision at the end to award the winner as best dressed!

Other Pics

It was def. an awesome experience and I felt so lucky to have so many friends and family surround me. I am one blessed bride-to-be :) :) :) :) 


  1. Wow it sounds like such an amazing day! I remember my showers, they were so fun! By the way, I think people still say the bomb! But when I was working with teenagers last year they would say thats bomb. So I guess dropped the, "the". So there you have it.


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