Friday, May 25, 2012


Sorry I have been MIA lately:

1.)    Went back home to Indiana and saw family and friends.
2.)    Had my bridal shower. It was wonderful!! There are no pictures yet, because I didn’t bring my camera. L It was so much fun and my bridesmaids did such a good job.  Pics to come! (I hope?)
3.)    My best friend got married (well re-married I guess? She was already married, but they just wanted to have the wedding). She looked gorgeous and the wedding was beautiful!  Pics to come!
4.)    Trav and I did a lot of the wedding planning and can’t wait to see everything put together for the big day. Still have things left undone, but that’s okay, it’ll get done, no worries.
5.)    Trav had an interview to get into school in TN before flying home! He had such a great feeling about this school.
6.)    Found out the other day he got in! Which means more than likely we’ll be moving in December! Which means, I’ll have to find a new job and etc. So not only are we saving for a wedding, we’ll be saving for the big move and when Trav starts school. It might be a little hard on us financially, but we’ll make it through. So proud of my fiance, he worked so hard for this and now his dreams are finally come true. (Talk about a year: got an interview for school, got in, get married, honeymoon in Hawaii, sale the house, buy a new house (more than likely), and start school in Jan! For being so young, he's accomplishing sooooo much. He completely amazes me!
7.)    After finding out, Trav took the CCRN test and passed it!!  I couldn’t be prouder of my baby, except that he is already now in school, therefore, he doesn’t really need  it for the interviews anymore.
8.)    Started fostering kitties. We love the dogs and love fostering them, but they take a while to get adopted, and they mentally and physically drained us, especially when the places we have to go for home visits and for Petsmarts events are 45 mins – 1 hour away.

Trav wanted me to do something since I was getting miserable without having Archie around. Tatum is great, don’t get me wrong, but little Archie would just snuggle under my chin. Right now, I still miss him and with everything that is going on, there is no way we can adopt right now. So we decided to foster kitties. It is currently kitty season and cats are having litters and there is just such an over population that many of them are getting put on the e-list. Even our little babies were on there.

And how can you not love something so precious?

9.)    Took Tatum to get his teeth and found out that his teeth are AWFUL and it’s beyond what the vet’s office can do. It’s because we gave him so many medications when he was little that it has spread. Even though we brushed his teeth and whatnot, it is beyond repair. We can either get little Tater’s teeth pulled (and pull them all) OR his teeth will fall out. They gave us a doggy dentist, but he’ll have to have root canals and whatnot. Not excited about that, either way, Poor Tater Tot. I feel like we were bad parents, but when we took him to the other vet, she acted like just give him special food and the plaque and whatnot will fall out. We’ve been to two different people and they said his teeth are decaying. Therefore, I believe the other two people since nothing we have done has helped his little toothers.
I hope that we’ll find more time of ourselves and be able to write more. I should since we’re probably be living on Ramen Noddles and unable to go on dates like we’re used to currently.
10.) After coming home, I was sick for a week. Finally started feeling better, and then Saturday came and woke up with pink eye.. in both eyes! Talk about gross. 

More to come hopefully soon :)

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