Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hi loves,

Hope everyone is doing fantastic and that everyone is doing great. Can't believe it's Sunday and tomorrow is back to work - where has time gone? Wasn't it just Friday?

It's been one of those weeks.. you know, where the house hasn't been touched - the house needs to be dusted, clothes are piling up, laundry needs to be done, groceries need to be bought, etc. I feel like I have had no energy whatsoever lately, so I started taking some energy pills. I feel like they help me get through work, but when I come home, I just crash. I don't know if that's typical or not with those sort of things. Anyways, the chores will get done, it just will be a matter of time.

Current Updates:

Home Front:
*Our roommate moved out this weekend. He moved in with his girlfriend a little faster than expected (because her roommate moved out). He has been great and we will miss him!
*I came home the other day to find out that Trav surprised me with a new sprinkling system! He was able to find someone to install it that day. Our grass is becoming greener and I'm most excited to sit outside and enjoy the evening/morning with Trav more. (It wasn't fun when we only had dirt to look at). Plus I'm hoping that it won't track so much inside the house - especially with the dog(s).
*I haven't been on for so long, but did I tell you that little Tobs got adopted to an awesome home?? We're so excited for him and his new family. We have also decided to take a break from the fostering thing for a while, until maybe we come back in  May, but we'll see.

Friend Front:
*My best friend, Jocelyn, called yesterday to tell me she's pregnant with Baby #2! I'm thrilled for her and her husband since they have been trying for a while. Little Ayvah will be such a good big sister!
*Kate and her husband are in the process of buying a house - sooooo excited for them! 

Wedding Front:
*We have ordered our save-the-dates!! We couldn't be more excited to make it more "official" - I can't wait to see them.
*Because they're going out, I've been trying to gather addresses from family and friends.
*We also have to update our wedding website before the invitations go out, so I have a feeling that's what my main priority will be when I get home.
*Our guest list has grown a tremendously and still may do some growing. We now have 320 people & we had to cut our single friends guests'. It was something unexpected, but now we're debating if we should just pay for the extra people and let the single people bring a guest if they'd like. We'll decide more on that when the wedding gets closer.
*We did not do a hotel block. We should have but we thought that there were only going to be certain people coming from out of town - and knew who they'd probably stay with, but we have found that number has increased, which we're excited about, but I wish we would have thought of that way sooner since hotels are going to be booked fast and they're going to be super expensive. So we'll have to make some phone calls and all that fun stuff!
*Kate is getting things prepared for my bridal shower back home!!! I want things to be a surprise, so I have no idea what is in store for me. My only request is that we have to play the toilet paper game - that's actually one of the only reasons I want to have a bridal shower, besides being able to see everyone.

Job Front:
*We have a new co-worker starting on Monday & I feel like this might get a little interesting.
*I have been kept pretty busy at work and will continue to do so (I love because it makes the day so much faster!)

*I haven't been much of a blogger lately. To be honest, I feel as though it's some kind of chore lately. Bad, I know. And there has been so much stuff that I have to tell you, but as right now, it's probably going to be best for this post since I have to get ready for church. And on top of that, I need to read what is going on with all of you! I only hope to be a better blogger, but I can't promise you too much as of right now.


  1. Your wedding is coming along fast! Congratulations to your friend, amazing news!

  2. I love wedding planning! i think I messed that most of all since I got married. Some people say wedding planning is stressful, but I loved it!!

  3. Yay for save the dates! I loved wedding planning and I miss it, honestly! Some people find it stressful but I found the whole process so fun!


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