Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RIP Archie

Arch Bowl,
                Oh how I miss you and wish you didn’t have to leave us so early. I really thought you would be with us forever since I thought all cats lived forever.
                I remember the first day we got you. It was August 21, 2011 and I drove your daddy to Michaels with me, but before we walked into Michaels, I saw that there was a little Adoption sign outside Petco. So I just started walking towards Petco with your dad saying every step of the way, “We’re not getting another animal.” And my response was, “You can’t help who you fall in love with” but I seriously was thinking we’d find another fur ball. Instead, a girl placed you in my arms and you had me at first purr.
                We had to go get Tatum to see how he’d interact with you because he’s never been around a cat before. And what did he do? He licked you and wanted to play, but you were more interested in us. A cat that was more interested in people than toys or other animals? You were such a little love bug.
                You would love us so much that if we had you in the bedroom at 2 AM (I tried multi times and this was the time you would always wake us up), and you just wanted attention so you would put your rub your little head all over our faces. Dad and I couldn’t sleep, so we wouldn’t let you sleep in our room. But every morning, you would hear the alarm clock and be crying at our door. As soon as we would open the door, you would rush in and put rub your face all over your momma to say, “You guys sleep forever! Finally! Good morning!”
                Then when we would come home from work, there you were, greeting us at the door as soon as we opened it. I swear, you were more like a dog than a cat.  Especially when I would feed you. You would rush upstairs to get food, but as soon as you heard that I was feeding Tatum, you would run downstairs with your little red bell jingling all the way down the steps and no matter what, you would be in Tatum’s food. And if you weren’t in Tatum’s food, you’d be trying to sit at the kitchen table hoping that you would get a little sneak preview of whatever we were going to have for dinner.
                You, being the little cat you were, had such a big personality. Anyone that would come over would just fall in love with you and would want to take you home with them (even those non-cat people). We got so lucky to have you in our lives. You would even melted the hearts of the foster dogs, where Sweetie just wanted to eat you in the beginning, and then would allow you to be the only one that could eat in her dog bowl with her. And Toby would love to just pick on you, and you would take it. But you would get your revenge: when they’d walk by, you’d hide and claw them with your little paws.
                I noticed that you stopped eating and started going potty outside of your little box, which was something you’d never do. We noticed that you started losing weight, and not feeling to well, but we’ve never had a cat before, and since you were sneezing, we thought for sure that you just had a little cold, so we waited a couple days so that your little body could fight it off. But, then you started laying around not wanting to cuddle, so we thought we’d take you to the vet to get some meds to make you feel all better. But the day we made your appt to see the vet, you started to seem like you were getting better. You greeted us in the morning and laid on daddy. So we canceled the appointment until daddy called me to tell me that you peed outside of your litter box again, so thankfully, we were able to get our appointment back.
                My heart sank as the doctor looked at you and thought you had cancer. After she ran some tests and the tests came back negative, I thought that you would be able to fight whatever we thought you may have had. So we gave got you fluids, took you home, and took you back the next day to get more fluids. We wanted you to have a fighting chance. We were hoping that if we gave you a day of fluids, you would come home and eat. But you didn’t- even when we tried to feed you chips (your favorite even though the vet said you couldn’t have them) –  and instead, you just got progressively worse.
                Friday night, we thought you were going to pass away in your sleep. You didn’t seem like you were in pain and we thought you would go peacefully. Especially, after we put your little bed on the couch (that you would never sleep in before) and you cuddled in it and let out some very loud purrs to tell us that you loved us and even though you were deathly sick, that you wanted us to know.
                The next morning, on April 21st, you were still up but just so tired. So we took you outside (a place we didn’t really allow before because we were scared you would want to run away). You were so excited, that you’re little body, as weak as it was, started exploring the grass, dirt, and watched some of the birds as you laid in the sun. Dad and I decided that even though you didn’t seem like you were in pain, that we couldn’t bare watching you so weak. So we made an appointment to take you to the vet, so you could be at peace.
                I’ll tell you Arch, that even though you were a cat, you stole our hearts. We bawled like babies. You meant so much to us and we just always assumed that you would be around when we had little human babies, and they’d learn to say “Archie” and pull on your tail and in no doubt, you’d love it.  But we figured, that maybe a kid in heaven needed you more than what we did. As we drove away from the vet’s office, we saw there were some lose balloons that were in the sky, and we thought of you. Your daddy and I did really good last night for having to lose you, but this morning, I can’t bare the house being so empty and not having you to cuddle with first thing in the morning.
                We love you Arch more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for being so good to us and showing us that cats are some pretty awesome fur balls too. We miss you our little baby and hope that you’re in a much better place. Mommy, daddy and Tater love you and so glad that you were able to share your life with us.


  1. Our hearts are broken for you guys :( Sending our love <3

  2. It's heartbreaking when an animal dies. They're apart of your daily lives and routine. I remember when I lost my cat I was so upset.

    Archie sounds like an awesome cat and I LOVE his fur! xxx


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