Saturday, February 11, 2012

Losing Weight

The other day a co-worker of mine stopped me to ask, "Have you been losing weight?"
Me (laughing): "Well I did. I lost about ten pounds, but then I stopped working out for a couple of months, so I'm pretty sure I've gained it all back. "
"Your clothes are getting bigger"
"I think it's just because I'm wearing bigger pants today"
(Laughs and asks) "What do you make for dinner?"
"Chicken and salmon are our usual's lately. Same stuff. It's a pretty boring meal."

So I finally went to the gym and decided to get on the scale. I was dreading every second of it because I wanted to know how much I have actually gained.

What? There must be something wrong. I haven't exercised in like forever.
I got in the pool and gave Trav a serious look. "The scale's wrong."
After getting out of the pool, I decided to weigh myself again. This time I was soaking wet (hair and all) and wearing more clothes (I changed into night clothes).


There has to be something wrong. I have been feeling like crud lately. I haven't worked out.

Trav got out of the changing room. "You're going to have to weigh me on the scale when we're on our way out. The scale inside the woman's changing room is wrong. It has to be."

So I got on the scale. Trav did it. It magically read 126.

"I still think something is wrong. I haven't exercised in forever."
"But we've changed our eating habits." Trav reminded me.
I pouted. "I'm a pound away from my goal and don't feel good about my self. My goal was 125. I thought at 125 I'd be so much skinner and I'd be done of having to lose much more weight. I think I still have another 10 more pounds."

You guys, I'm happy that my weight is down, but I seriously feel fatter than when I had my first big weigh out, when I was weighed in at 132. I don't know where my fat just mysteriously disappeared because my legs and arms are still bigger (because I see no difference whatsoever).

I know I should be proud, but I was in almost tears this morning when I tired on clothes and everything looked awful on me. Trav said I was in a mood where no matter what I tried on, I wouldn't be happy with it. True, I guess. It was just one of those days.

I think the reason I don't feel good is not because I haven't noticed a change, but because I haven't felt a change. Working out make you feel soooooo much better and gives you so much more energy and you know that you've worked for it.

Then I found this picture:

That put it in a whole different perspective. 


  1. It's probably a mind over matter thing. You feel heavier than you actually do! 1 more pound to go!

  2. Hey I am super proud of you! I lost 40.6lbs and in the last cpl weeks, I have gained like 6lbs back because I've been eating like crap. I'm gonna start working on it more again!

  3. You probably feel (or look like your legs are getting bigger) because you're gaining muscle? I'm not sure, but either way be proud you're changing your eating habits & working out and ultimately losing weight/getting healthier! Go you!!! Keep us posted :)


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