Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fruit Dip

This Fruit Dip actually made me like strawberries! It was something I tried that my cousin's wife mom made. It is incredible.

However, I can't really give you the exact amounts. But I'll let you know that I used. I made a lot, because I kind of messed up on it. LOL. (Forgive me, it was the first time I made it), but this is how it should be made:

Package of cream cheese
Container of Marshmallow Fluff
Strawberry Gelatin
Pinch of powered sugar

1.) Soften cream cheese.
2.) With a mixer, mix together the container of Marshmallow Fluff, a tiny bit of strawberry Gelatin (to taste). Then add a pinch of strawberry sugar.
3.) Yummmmmm :)

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