Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY: St. Paddy's Wreath

(The best part: no glue required)

Because I have been itching to make my own wreath, I finally hauled my butt to Michaels to take a look around.

They had an unbeliveably good deals of buy one get one free. So I ended up spending a whopping $5 on two wreaths.

Then I found a bow that they had $2.99, some green shamrock wire for $5.99, and a little thing of glittery shamrocks for $1.99. I could have gotten the stuff much cheaper but I forgot my darn coupon.

The only thing that was messy was the wreath itself and the green wire kept getting caught on little parts that were sticking out.

I love it :) It's simple, yet fun. And of course, I got up in time before the mom-in-law comes to visit!

Let me know if you make wreaths too, I would love to check 'em out :)

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