Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding Planning is in Full Force!

I am *finally* starting to feel so much better about our upcoming wedding. For the past two weeks in Indiana I have accomplished:

Found a Wedding Cake (with the yummy cake tastings!):


Found the most beautiful color of red for the wedding and bridesmaid dresses:


Found the girls gorgeous bridesmaid dresses:
*Not all the girls were pictured although they were all there*
Maybe found the flower girl's dress? (Still want to look online):

Found some of the most beautiful flowers to put in the girls' bouquet:

Found our pastor and we now have a Plan B in case it begins to rain:

Booked our photographer who is as sweet as can be:

*I think we found our caterer (but I'm not 100% sure)

*Checked out the barn twice
*Checked out the cabin where Trav and I will be staying our wedding night ;)
*Checked out the hotel that our guests will be staying
*Checked out a possible rehersal dinner site
*Got estimates on flowers, but maybe we'll order flowers from online?
*Thinking about getting a DJ - but I think we are going to use our own Ipod

Yay :)


  1. I love all this wedding planning stuff! I wonder what type of transport you will use? a lush car? xxx

  2. We just had an iPod jack at ours and it was the best thing ever. If someone wanted a specific song they just went over and plugged in their own.

  3. Awww YAY!!!!! Love, love, LOVE!! LOVE all the details. So smart to check out all the venues, places people are staying, you guys are staying, etc.

    Ohmigosh you are going to crack up! I went shopping with my friend that got engaged over the holidays today for wedding dresses and she wants that exact apple color for her bridesmaids gowns. The color is even more gorgeous in person!

  4. The cake and dresses are gorgeous :) I know it can be really, really stressful but planning a wedding can be so much fun too :) And you get to spend all that time with people you love!


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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