Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions

I'm excited to say that my goals for 2011 were:

1.) Take lots of pictures.
2.) Make a budget. (We made a budget - we just didn't actually follow it. However, we saved for some of our wedding and it's pretty exciting when we can pay for some things up front and not have to worry about it later, so I'm counting it!)
3.) Eat healthy. 
4.) Get a job.  
5.) Volunteer.  

Things actually got accomplished! Woo hoo!! Now... hopefully I can say the same for 2012. 2012 - I'm ready for a new start!

That being said, one of my top goals is to gain confidence. I feel like I left my confidence somewhere in Indiana when I left. I found myself to be very shy and anti-social. I had that fear in high school, but once I entered college, I feel as though that changed. Not knowing anyone in Arizona and entering into a different culture made me scared to face new things. Which I shouldn't be - I should want to face them!

In addition, I have discovered that being as anti-social as I was, that I was depressed. I used to sit around at home all day and do nothing. Although sometimes I do admit that I sometimes like to sit around all day in my pjs (as I am today) because I need a little break, but I need to go out and do more.

As silly as this sounds, I feel like something as small as not having a tan anymore, makes me think that my cutiness got away from me. I miss being tan & hate the way I look in photos and etc. I don't know why, but I felt like going to the tanning bed was just so relaxing and it'd give me a can-do attitude to face people. I think because I have lost my tan, it made me lose my spunk along with my confidence and I just let myself go. I don't even do my hair/make-up, don't wear jewerely, and I def. don't dress up. I feel as though I haven't been much of a "girly-girl" that I used to be. This year I need to play dress-up, cook, clean, and read like all the other girls that I know (and they actually enjoy it!) as much as I thought I would have. But maybe, I just need to get up and do this stuff. Then maybe  I would feel better?

So, because I rambled, here is my goals in short for 2012:

1.) Be happy
2.) Be confident & love myself
3.) Be healthy
4.) Play dress up more
5.) Spice up my life with new adventures (including little things like cooking and diy projects - hence the new tabs. I'm going to try to put up a new recipe, book review, diy project in, and maybe throw in a fashion specutlar once in a blue moon!)

2012 here we come! Happy New Year!

What are you new year resolutions?


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I love your blog too!

    Congrats on accomplishing almost all your resolutions! Because that is so hard to do. I never get that close!

    When I moved to California from Alabama, I became less confident and social too! I had such a good group back home that it's been hard for me to branch out. But it gets better I promise, you just have to put yourself out there! And if a tan helps, get that tan :)

  2. You were probably a bit addicted to the tanning/tanning beds, which gave you a "high" when you'd go. So you're likely just going through withdrawals and feeling depressed because you're not getting that "high" anymore. I hope dressing up & feeling "pretty" and gaining confidence back can help you feel good again!! For me, cleaning always gives me a feeling of accomplishment and "feel-good" feelings because it's an instant accomplishment to see; once you're done and you see progress, you're bound to feel great!! :)

  3. So funny - I had the same thought that being tan had something to do with my issues after we talked! I even thought about going to a tanning bed for the first time in my life. Only it was a gorgeous day after I had that thought so it left my mind.

    Also, I hadn't refreshed my makeup in awhile. I used to go to Sephora and refresh my makeup before every trip and hadn't done that in about two years. I went last Friday and feel SOOO much better that I actually have something to use when I want to go the extra mile!!

    Oh, and Amber brings up a good point, that Vitamin D does SOOO much for me after a half hour by the pool. It was sunny here the other day and I made Brando sit out in the sun wherever we went so I could get some sun :) .

  4. i loved this post! i used to be the same way about tanning....but i'm 25 and have noticed it already taking a toll on my skin. i gave up the tanning beds a year ago and haven't regretted it! you're beautiful how you are...sooo beautiful :)

  5. One thing I have learned over the years is - when you get down about things the BEST thing you can do is take a shower, put on a little makeup do your hair. You will be surprised how this can change your attitude and make you feel more productive and confident and even more energetic.

    Don't be too hard on yourself though. Sometimes we all need grunge days where we don't have to talk to people and can sit in PJ's all day if we want. I have those often. :)

  6. My new years resolution is not to have one, if I don't make one, I can't break it. Therefore I won't have any guilt :)


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