Monday, December 26, 2011

Have Yourself a Wonderful Little Christmas

Christmas Eve at the future mom-in-laws place:

Found this pic of the boys when they were little, weren't they precious?
Christmas Day with my side of the family:

Every Christmas morning, Brit gets up and divides the presents while my mom sleeps in. Everyone sits in the living room and waits for mom to get up. This usually entails no pictures of mom since she is not "camera ready".

Christmas Evening at my aunt's and uncle's:

This year, Christmas was a little different since none of the other cousins were there and it was just Brit and I. However, it was still a nice Christmas for all of us even though it was quiet. My mom always brings her home-made Cherry Fluff to every Christmas dinner that we celebrate. We then gather around, eat, chit-chat and watch Christmas Vacation. I used to hate that movie, but now I have become very fond of it, making it a must-see movie.

I got this message five times in a row, maybe it's trying to tell me something?

And how my uncle ended the night, LOL.

Priceless. Oh how I wish everyone lived closer.

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