Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Arizona State Fair

We met our friends, Krystal and Drew, up at the Arizona State fair with Trav's mom and boyfriend.

While we were there, there was a hypnotist in strange right in front of us. She asked for some volunteers to come up on stage, so Trav went right up.

On stage

In a concert - Trav was awake during the thing & faking it (see that little smirk on his face?) Shortly after this, he was pulled off of stage.

Cowboy here was asked to find "prettiest girl in the audience to dance with" & he found me. People, I was in the front row center stage, so he found me first, that's the only reason why.

We had a fantastic time! I just wish that we would of went earlier. Below are some other pictures that were taken before we left.

P.S. Everything was either fried or dipped in chocolate (they even had chocolate covered bacon - that didn't really sound too appealing though).

P.S.S. I'll try to upload some video. :)

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