Tuesday, November 15, 2011

24 Hour Prayer

Our church is taking part of a 24 hour prayer.

Today, Trav and I took part (along with our study group). We went through 10 different stations and prayed for different things such about taming our tounges, loving our neighbors, the storms in our lives, what direction we want to be in, how to get involved within the church, and so on. Each station had different things (such as placing something you wrote on a cross, writing down your values) and whatnot to help you think.

I really wanted God to speak to me. I need direction. I have no idea where I am supposed to be in life, especially about my carrer path. Should I go back to school? (I am thinking about pursuing becoming a nurse), but I also like the idea of being a social worker or even getting my masters in psychology). And what about marraige? We should be married already (we do live together), but we're not, and I don't feel like we're really rushing the subject. Also, what am I supposed to do in my life? What's my path? Why am I even on this earth?

I feel stuck. Stuck and not being able to move in any direction. Does anyone ever feel that way? I just want to be told where to go and I will follow. Or maybe I'm not listening?

P.S. Thanks for your prayers about my mom. She doesn't have cancer.

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  1. 1. OMG! YAY about your mom!!!! WOO HOO!!! 2. Look at the picture you posted....lol. 3. I feel like this a LOT. Keep talking to God and watch for those signs we have talked about! You will figure it out when you're supposed to! Love you!


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