Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wedding Nightmare

So I had a nightmare last night, where I woke up in a sweat, my stomach was upset, and I felt so stressed... all from a "wedding nightmare!" And the thing is, I haven't really even thought about the wedding for a while (because we'll get to that in a bit), except for yesterday when my co-worker asked me about my dress. So maybe that started it.

My dream took place in an unknown church and I just remember standing in the middle of everyone. The wedding hadn't begun, but it was going to start in a little bit. And... we didn't have a pastor! Shoot, we didn't have a cake, we didn't have food, a DJ, or anything. I remember looking at my mom who was next to me freaking out, "Mom, we need to call Shelley!" (the girl who is helping us with our reception spot) And all I could do was stand there scared out of my mind that nothing was ready and the thing that ticked me off was that everyone was just walking around like it was no big deal. But, it was a big deal: the wedding was happening that date. I just rushed around the whole church and outside of the church like a chicken without a head. It was.... not fun. And whoever says wedding planning is fun has got to be kidding. Especially when you live 3,000 miles from where you're going to have your wedding.

So in reality, I haven't really even been thinking about the wedding and actually have taken my mind off of it completely because I've been a little pre-occupied.

Life will be an adventure either way if Trav gets into school or not. We could either get married or we could move to a whole other state next year which will provide us many opportunities. To be honest, I'm really excited about it :) So my thoughts have been preoccupied about school, which I never thought I would want to go back to school ever.

Trav also brought home a dog he found by his work, so we currently have three fur babies at home. I am exhausted. We named the new dog, Toby, but he is a handful. But he sure is cute, isn't he?

Anyways, because he is a puppy he LOVES to dig. We now have holes all over our yard. And when he digs, he jumps in the pool and then starts to dig, so by the time it is time to come in, he is filled with dirt. Plus, he is a bad influence and has taught Sweetie to do the same. When he comes running into the house, he usually jumps on you because he is so excited to see you which usually causes a change of clothes. Toby also has a love for chewing. His favorite thing to chew on is currently shoes and wood from outside. *Sigh* I can't wait for it to be just Trav, Tater, Archie and I. I don't even know what that feels like anymore. :( Any takers for a free dog? You can choose betweena Pitt and a German Shepherd mix. Hahahaha. Toby just needs some training. LOL.

I don't know how people do it and have kids. They all must be a super hero!

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  1. Haha I am wonderwoman!! LOL!!! I LOVE your new page btw! I hope things get easier with wedding planning, and if you need any help, let me know! Love you!


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