Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wedding Idea: Dessert Bar

I have been in the wedding spirit lately, perhaps because I just showed Travis' mom "the dress". We have a different style about things making me scared that I was going to be dissappointed with her expression which would result me to rethink "the dress". Come to find out, she LOVED it! I too was scared too that if I put it on for the second time that I wouldn't love it as much. Wrong. I found myself not wanting to take it off. I'm so relived.

Our primary colors will be (of course) Ohio State colors (scarlet (red) and grey). I am pretty excited because those colors have actually grown on me. Other than that, I would also like us to have fall colors incorporated: orange, yellow, and brown.

The last wedding we went to had a candy bar and it was a huge hit. Trav and I really liked it (okay, more like me). But I want our wedding uniquely be able to represent both of us and candy just isn't my thing. However... sweets are. And how sweet would it be to have a dessert bar?

Full of all favorite things: cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies... yum!!!! Plus, this would fit me perfectly just like Ohio State fits Trav perfectly. Doesn't that picture look so delicious?

Are you in love with the idea as much as I am?


  1. A dessert bar sounds awesome! I went to a wedding this year and they had a sweetie table and I wasn't a fan. Everyone was just really greedy with it and taking some home for later etc.

    I love the colours!

  2. LOVE this idea! Ok well not for ME (it'll totally screw up my diet haha but maybe I won't count cals on your wedding! HEY YEAH! Good idea Bri!!!) I think it's SO cute!!!

  3. OMG LOVE your new header photo!! Adorbs!

    I've noticed the best weddings are where all the favorites of the bride and groom are incorporated - their separate favorites and together favorites. Sounds like your wedding is going to fit that bill just perfectly.


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