Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetie the Pit Bull


You should see the looks we get when we take our foster dog, Sweetie, out and about. People will literally pick up their dogs and walk off the paths. Parents will grab their children and pull them close all because Sweetie is a Pit Bull. 

Little Sweetie has gone through so much already in her little life span already. (I can't believe I haven't told you this story already)... So here it goes:

One day in May at midnight after leaving Study group, Trav stopped in the middle of the road (he was driving the truck in front of me), so I pulled over to see what the fuss was about. In front of us, was a dog laying on the dirty pavement who was obviously hit by a car and just left to fend for herself.  She then started limping towards Travis and rolled over on the ground with her paws up in the air letting us know that she needed help. 

The day we found her
Trav knew she wasn't going to hurt him after seeing that but told me to drive home (since we were so close). Trav started calling her "Sweetie" for her wonderful personality and she responded (so the name stuck). He then called me to ask if I wanted to go with him to take her to the emergency vet after he was able to put her in the bed of the truck.
After taking her to the vet, the vet told us we had two options 1.) Either pay for her medical expenses ourselves (which we had no idea what it was going to cost) or 2.) Leave her at the vet so they could "perform surgery" and then call the humane society to come and pick her up the next day. What kind of vet does a surgery that would cost thousands so that way they could go to a humane society? On top of that, her stomach was bloated, so we didn't know if there was internal bleeding and or if their were puppies inside her.

We knew what this meant for little Sweetie: she wasn't going to be taken care of properly AND if they put her in the shelter, Pit Bulls rarely get adopted, making them on the e-list the most. We didn't want that for poor Sweetie, but we couldn't afford what we thought would be the cost of her surgery. We had a couple of Tatum's pain medications left, so we took her home and decided to email different rescues to see if they could take her in. We already knew that we were going to foster this sweet girl.

Little Sweetie was so good that early morning and didn't even make a peep the first day we had her. She rarely drank water, and didn't even go near the other food we had until we found out that she loved cooked chicken. She gobbled that stuff up in a minute, so that's how we fed her. We found a rescue, Valley Dogs, that happily took her in with no problem as long as we could foster her. It would be a couple days before we could actually take her to the vet though. So we gave her pain medication to hold her up until we could get there. 

The second day, however,her pain was kicking in more. She cried in pain, but when you would come up to comfort her, she would wag her tail. The poor girl just wanted to feel better. We were finally able to get her into the vet. They kept her for a while to take care of her. Her surgery was only supposed to be a couple hours, but ended up being a six hour surgery and instead of being a $1,000 surgery it ended up being a couple thousand. Thankfully, there was some generous donations for this beautiful girl. And in case you were curious: there was no internal bleeding or puppies, even though they thought she might have just had puppies. The people loved her so much at the vet, they all knew her by name to the point they all called her a "celebrity".  

After a couple of weeks and having to recover in a month in a crate (without being able to be let out of her crate except to go potty)... the vet finally gave us the okay that she could return to some moderate activity. And boy, were we all excited for that. For being a 2 year old girl, that was hard for Sweetie to stay in the crate and not being able to play with the other dogs. We would even have to take her outside with a leash on, so she really had no freedom. But now that she had freedom that she wanted, she was so thrilled and always  seems to have a smile on her face.

Thank goodness.

She was sooo excited to be able to play a little with Tatum and our other foster dog. She hated having to return to the crate and it didn't help that  she would find any way possible to not get back in the crate. When we weren't home, she would break out. But wouldn't you for being in there so long?

Sweetie is now healed and you would have never known that she had surgery on her, except for the scare on her leg. Sweetie is an incredible little girl who ADORES people, loves taking walks, will swim in the pool for hours and likes children and other dogs.

There's nothing wrong with her and I would never classify her as an "aggressive dog". She probably would have gotten adopted by now if she was any other type of breed, but since she's a Pit many people can't overcome the fear. 

The vet said that they get their bad rep, not because they bite the most (because they are one of most unlikeliest dogs to bite), but because when they do bite, they have the strongest jaws. The vet said he would rather deal with a Pit rather than any other dog. He also said in the past, people would call Pit Bull's "nanny dogs" because before child neglect came into the picture,  adults would leave their children with just the dog alone. Which I thought was so interesting because of the fact that they are now classified as being "aggressive".

Can you imagine that? 

Sweetie is such a joy to have around. We love her so much and are excited to find her forever Pit-loving home.

We love you Tweet-Tweets.


  1. Seriously Ashley you and Trav are amazing for taking part in this adoption programme! Sweetie lives up to her name. Well done guys you've made a dog v v v happy :)

  2. She is SO cute! Do you still have her / still looking for a home? I live in San Diego (so not too far) and have one pit who I love to a million pieces. They really are the best dogs ever when they're treated right. Mine is so loving ... great with people, other dogs, children, even cats(!) ... Anyway, we've been thinking about getting another dog, so I just thought I'd ask! (What a great story, btw!)


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