Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A simple phone call that can change everything

Just got off the phone with my mom. This was a different phone call.

Something seemed wrong, especially when she asked Brit to get off the phone.

With a shaky voice, she told me she went to the doctor for the burning sensation she has been having for a while now. The doctor told her it could be two options: either abdominal adhesion or colon cancer.

She is going in for tests next Friday. Then it will probably take another week for results to come in.

I feel numb and am trying not to get worried. Obviously, we're praying for the adhesion, but we're still scared.

Please keep her in your prayers.


  1. Oh no honey! I am SO sorry!! I will be praying for her, you, and your whole family! I love you and if you need ANYTHING, please call me!!!! XoXo

  2. praying! Stay positive!

  3. Your mama is in my thoughts <3


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