Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nature Doesn't Forgive

"Nature doesn't forgive," one of my friends stated as we were talking about what enters our body.

I hope that you have treated your body good, because I haven't. If you would only know the amount of junk food that entered my body for the last 24 years. Fruit and veggies have never been a part of my daily intakefruits and veggies my body to the point that if they would enter my body that my body would probably go into shock and not know what to do with it.

That's not the way you should treat your body. And it's not like the food that has entered my body has actually made me feel good. On top of that, I have abused my body with the lack of exercise.

This means: being a 24 year old, it's hard to go up the stairs without my heart having to beat a million miles per minute (is that even how they measure a heartbeat?)

Just way too much abuse. So something is going to change.

With my friend Kate as inspiration, I'm going to start exercising and begin to eat healthy. I joined yesterday and I'm hoping that it will help me with my goals. Not only with goals, but also to teach me how to look at food differently before it enters my body for the rest of my life. For example, it will make me second think that second peice of pizza because of the calories and sodium.

Myfitnesspal is also great because you can enter your excerises. It will keep track of how many calories you burned. It also basically says, "If you continue on this path than you should be able to reach your goal by (date)." Awesome right?! It should be a good resource.

Except, I will say my first day (yesterday) of doing this, I still ate junk food, but i did eat much less of it. Trav and I are planning on going to the store today, therefore, we should be getting healthier things. :) Which my body will thank me for, even if I will have to force it down.

So my goal is to lose 18 pounds in a year. This includes giving my body fruit and veggies so I can feel better and have so much more energy.

I'm going to be trying to give you guys monthly updates so I can hold my self accountable.

Anyone who is on myfitnesspal, my user name is: ashz5187.  Make sure you add me so we can motivate each other! Who's with me???


  1. I'm SO joining this!! I've lost around 12lbs so far since August! Of course, I'm on the divorce diet lol but I can tell my stomach has shrunk some. I literally CANT eat as much as I used to! And Ive been eating WAY less junk:-) I'll start mine and give you my name too:-) Good luck and I love you!

  2. Have you heard of SkinnyBitch? My girlfriend read it and completely changed her eating habits for the better. It was awesome to watch her go through it and get all excited about it.


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