Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The little ones

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wedding Idea: Dessert Bar

I have been in the wedding spirit lately, perhaps because I just showed Travis' mom "the dress". We have a different style about things making me scared that I was going to be dissappointed with her expression which would result me to rethink "the dress". Come to find out, she LOVED it! I too was scared too that if I put it on for the second time that I wouldn't love it as much. Wrong. I found myself not wanting to take it off. I'm so relived.

Our primary colors will be (of course) Ohio State colors (scarlet (red) and grey). I am pretty excited because those colors have actually grown on me. Other than that, I would also like us to have fall colors incorporated: orange, yellow, and brown.

The last wedding we went to had a candy bar and it was a huge hit. Trav and I really liked it (okay, more like me). But I want our wedding uniquely be able to represent both of us and candy just isn't my thing. However... sweets are. And how sweet would it be to have a dessert bar?

Full of all favorite things: cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies... yum!!!! Plus, this would fit me perfectly just like Ohio State fits Trav perfectly. Doesn't that picture look so delicious?

Are you in love with the idea as much as I am?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A simple phone call that can change everything

Just got off the phone with my mom. This was a different phone call.

Something seemed wrong, especially when she asked Brit to get off the phone.

With a shaky voice, she told me she went to the doctor for the burning sensation she has been having for a while now. The doctor told her it could be two options: either abdominal adhesion or colon cancer.

She is going in for tests next Friday. Then it will probably take another week for results to come in.

I feel numb and am trying not to get worried. Obviously, we're praying for the adhesion, but we're still scared.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Season Begins: Danielle and Ernesto

I LOVE wedding season!! Some of the best are getting married this year & I can't wait! :) 

Yesterday we were able to share with Danielle and Ernesto as they tied the knot.

They are a beautiful couple and I wish them the best. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wedding Nightmare

So I had a nightmare last night, where I woke up in a sweat, my stomach was upset, and I felt so stressed... all from a "wedding nightmare!" And the thing is, I haven't really even thought about the wedding for a while (because we'll get to that in a bit), except for yesterday when my co-worker asked me about my dress. So maybe that started it.

My dream took place in an unknown church and I just remember standing in the middle of everyone. The wedding hadn't begun, but it was going to start in a little bit. And... we didn't have a pastor! Shoot, we didn't have a cake, we didn't have food, a DJ, or anything. I remember looking at my mom who was next to me freaking out, "Mom, we need to call Shelley!" (the girl who is helping us with our reception spot) And all I could do was stand there scared out of my mind that nothing was ready and the thing that ticked me off was that everyone was just walking around like it was no big deal. But, it was a big deal: the wedding was happening that date. I just rushed around the whole church and outside of the church like a chicken without a head. It was.... not fun. And whoever says wedding planning is fun has got to be kidding. Especially when you live 3,000 miles from where you're going to have your wedding.

So in reality, I haven't really even been thinking about the wedding and actually have taken my mind off of it completely because I've been a little pre-occupied.

Life will be an adventure either way if Trav gets into school or not. We could either get married or we could move to a whole other state next year which will provide us many opportunities. To be honest, I'm really excited about it :) So my thoughts have been preoccupied about school, which I never thought I would want to go back to school ever.

Trav also brought home a dog he found by his work, so we currently have three fur babies at home. I am exhausted. We named the new dog, Toby, but he is a handful. But he sure is cute, isn't he?

Anyways, because he is a puppy he LOVES to dig. We now have holes all over our yard. And when he digs, he jumps in the pool and then starts to dig, so by the time it is time to come in, he is filled with dirt. Plus, he is a bad influence and has taught Sweetie to do the same. When he comes running into the house, he usually jumps on you because he is so excited to see you which usually causes a change of clothes. Toby also has a love for chewing. His favorite thing to chew on is currently shoes and wood from outside. *Sigh* I can't wait for it to be just Trav, Tater, Archie and I. I don't even know what that feels like anymore. :( Any takers for a free dog? You can choose betweena Pitt and a German Shepherd mix. Hahahaha. Toby just needs some training. LOL.

I don't know how people do it and have kids. They all must be a super hero!

Love Letter

Around six months of dating
I found this note from Travis that he wrote to me back when we started dating.

From the moment Kate told me about you, I was so interested. I just had to see this "hot chick" that would be great for me if I was not moving. When I started stalking you on Lisa's Facebook, the first thing that I noticed was that amazing butt. After I got over that, I saw one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. And I should have been able to tell from your smile that you were going to be one of the happiest and most fun people that I was ever going to meet. The first night that we were going to meet, I felt like you were going to be different than anyone before. For some reason, I felt the need to hem my new pants (you know that I am a jeans kind of guy). I also wanted to impress you so bad, which is why I picked Trio's. I had never been there, but I heard that it was a really fun place. The moment I saw Kate walk in, I was so nervous. I can remember standing up to flag down Kate. Then I kind of blacked out and the next thing that I remember was that she introduced us and I remember thinking about your beautiful smile again. The next 30-45 minutes were kind of awkward. It was Kate having a conversation with me, then you, then me. I think we said about 20 words to each other during the dinner. (I guess this is kind of normal, because Kate talks all the time anyway) I was so excited when we got to go into the club part where the band was playing. It was the first time that I could really sit next to you and talk to you. I must have been doing ok, because when Kate did the whole set-up where she was going to leave, you stayed with me. I was so nervous that you were going to leave with her. I had tried to talk to you, but it was so loud because we were so close that I did not think that you were having that good of a time. When we went to Bar Louie, I was so excited because I really thought that you were having a good time because we got to go a second place. Bar Louie was way too loud, so we went to PV for the first time. This was one of my favorite times with you. It was the first time that I really got to have a quality talk with you. When you were telling me about your love past, it reminded me a lot of mine. We both were in some shitty relationships! When we were sitting there, I could not think of a more beautiful place for our first kiss. We were snuggled up on that bench, under a blanket and stars. Picture perfect. We both know where that one went. But that showed me something about you that I will never forget. It showed me that you have self respect and morals that you will not back down from. It also showed me how strong you can be. Babe, you have some of the best characteristics that a man could ever want in a woman. You showed me many of these in the first night. You had a nice ass, a beautiful smile, you were outgoing, fun, had morals and stuck with them all in one night.

The next few weeks were a blur except not getting my first kiss for a long time. I remember that. One thing that I do remember is talking to Amber about you. She was comparing you to one of my ex's. Amber was telling me how much she liked you. This is important, because she is like the little angel on my right shoulder telling me what God would think about my decisions. The past 6 months you have shown me so many things that I love about you. Besides the things that I have already told you, you are so loving towards me. This is so important to me. So many times I devalue myself. I love when you tell me something about me that makes me feel good about myself, and you always seem to do it right at the perfect time. I also love how you are always willing to try something new or go outside the box a little bit. When I moved, you were automatically willing to keep your mind open to move here. When we first started hanging out, you would not touch my feet (now you give amazing foot rubs). Babe, my favorite thing about you is your forgivingness and your resilience. When I mess up, you forgive me and you keep it in your mind, but you don’t bring it up and try to hurt me with it. If our relationship takes it the next step, this will be one reason. I know that you will love me and be able to forgive my mistakes, and I hope that I can learn to be half as good as you are at this. When I think back the past 6 months there are some bad memories that we had that will never happen again. Other than that, being with you has been the happiest that I could ever be. I could not ask for anyone better than you. We never fight, we always have fun together, we have a very open relationship where we can tell each other anything we want, and we have fun with each others families. I know that I have told you many times that I do not want to get married until I am about 26, but the more I think about it and the more and more I learn about you, the more and more I love you and the more that I want to grow old with you.

Moving to Phoenix has shown me some things about myself and about you. First, even before I moved, no one has done anything for me as big as you did. My party was so special to me. I hate being the center of attention, but it meant so much for me to see how hard you worked on that whole day. Once I got here, I started missing you right away. It was so hard to be away from you as long as we were for those 2 months. Now that I am thinking about it, it feels like it’s going to be forever until I get to see you again. I hate wishing my life away, but I just want you to graduate now and come here with me and experience everything here with me. When I make plans to do things here, I cannot help but to think about you and how much more fun everything would be if I could do it with you. Because you are not here, many times it just does not seem worth it to do anything. That is the main reason that I have not really explored anywhere here. The one morning that I went on a run up a mountain, it was so beautiful, but all I could do was wish that I could share it with you. (By the way, it is 4 in the morning and we just got off the phone. You just asked me what I learned since I have been here. I told you that “there are more important things than money”. The things that I miss that are back home are the people. I miss you so much, my family so much and my friends. I have learned that money is good to have. Without money you don’t get to get to do the things that you want, but the thing that really matter in life is love and the people that you love.) You have also shown me how determined you are to get to move here with me. Every day I hear that you are getting off of work and are on your way to class. You bust your ass for me. That is so sexy! Babe these past 6 months I have learned more about life than I ever have before. Some of this was on my own, but so much of it was because of you! You are all that I could ever ask for and more than I deserve. You tell me all the time that you are the lucky one, but I am positive that it is the other way around.

Love always,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Gone Fishin'

The other day Trav and I made up our way to Payson, AZ. It was absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to see all the leaves changing colors.

We finally got to our fishing spot after getting lost since we were told the wrong place to turn. With our luck, Trav pulled out his brand new fishing pole to find out that it was broke. Aahhh.  So we had to rely on my good ol' Lady Fish (a pink fishing pole we just bought - did I mention it was pink?!)Then they said it was 86 degrees so we brought shorts, that was the wrong idea. It was in the low 70s and we were in shade.

Tatum doesn't swim, but we were surprised to see Tatum getting his feet wet in the freezing water.

We were all cold. Since Tatum got in the water, he came up and wanted his mamma to warm him up. So I did the best any momma could do.

Lady Fish didn't bring us any luck, so we decided to walk around.

Trav then cooked us an incredible lunch. Isn't he sooo sweet?? Love him!

We then made some scenic stops to admire God's beautiful creation.

It was a wonderful day with my loves.

P.S. Fishing song for your enjoyment :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweetie the Pit Bull


You should see the looks we get when we take our foster dog, Sweetie, out and about. People will literally pick up their dogs and walk off the paths. Parents will grab their children and pull them close all because Sweetie is a Pit Bull. 

Little Sweetie has gone through so much already in her little life span already. (I can't believe I haven't told you this story already)... So here it goes:

One day in May at midnight after leaving Study group, Trav stopped in the middle of the road (he was driving the truck in front of me), so I pulled over to see what the fuss was about. In front of us, was a dog laying on the dirty pavement who was obviously hit by a car and just left to fend for herself.  She then started limping towards Travis and rolled over on the ground with her paws up in the air letting us know that she needed help. 

The day we found her
Trav knew she wasn't going to hurt him after seeing that but told me to drive home (since we were so close). Trav started calling her "Sweetie" for her wonderful personality and she responded (so the name stuck). He then called me to ask if I wanted to go with him to take her to the emergency vet after he was able to put her in the bed of the truck.
After taking her to the vet, the vet told us we had two options 1.) Either pay for her medical expenses ourselves (which we had no idea what it was going to cost) or 2.) Leave her at the vet so they could "perform surgery" and then call the humane society to come and pick her up the next day. What kind of vet does a surgery that would cost thousands so that way they could go to a humane society? On top of that, her stomach was bloated, so we didn't know if there was internal bleeding and or if their were puppies inside her.

We knew what this meant for little Sweetie: she wasn't going to be taken care of properly AND if they put her in the shelter, Pit Bulls rarely get adopted, making them on the e-list the most. We didn't want that for poor Sweetie, but we couldn't afford what we thought would be the cost of her surgery. We had a couple of Tatum's pain medications left, so we took her home and decided to email different rescues to see if they could take her in. We already knew that we were going to foster this sweet girl.

Little Sweetie was so good that early morning and didn't even make a peep the first day we had her. She rarely drank water, and didn't even go near the other food we had until we found out that she loved cooked chicken. She gobbled that stuff up in a minute, so that's how we fed her. We found a rescue, Valley Dogs, that happily took her in with no problem as long as we could foster her. It would be a couple days before we could actually take her to the vet though. So we gave her pain medication to hold her up until we could get there. 

The second day, however,her pain was kicking in more. She cried in pain, but when you would come up to comfort her, she would wag her tail. The poor girl just wanted to feel better. We were finally able to get her into the vet. They kept her for a while to take care of her. Her surgery was only supposed to be a couple hours, but ended up being a six hour surgery and instead of being a $1,000 surgery it ended up being a couple thousand. Thankfully, there was some generous donations for this beautiful girl. And in case you were curious: there was no internal bleeding or puppies, even though they thought she might have just had puppies. The people loved her so much at the vet, they all knew her by name to the point they all called her a "celebrity".  

After a couple of weeks and having to recover in a month in a crate (without being able to be let out of her crate except to go potty)... the vet finally gave us the okay that she could return to some moderate activity. And boy, were we all excited for that. For being a 2 year old girl, that was hard for Sweetie to stay in the crate and not being able to play with the other dogs. We would even have to take her outside with a leash on, so she really had no freedom. But now that she had freedom that she wanted, she was so thrilled and always  seems to have a smile on her face.

Thank goodness.

She was sooo excited to be able to play a little with Tatum and our other foster dog. She hated having to return to the crate and it didn't help that  she would find any way possible to not get back in the crate. When we weren't home, she would break out. But wouldn't you for being in there so long?

Sweetie is now healed and you would have never known that she had surgery on her, except for the scare on her leg. Sweetie is an incredible little girl who ADORES people, loves taking walks, will swim in the pool for hours and likes children and other dogs.

There's nothing wrong with her and I would never classify her as an "aggressive dog". She probably would have gotten adopted by now if she was any other type of breed, but since she's a Pit many people can't overcome the fear. 

The vet said that they get their bad rep, not because they bite the most (because they are one of most unlikeliest dogs to bite), but because when they do bite, they have the strongest jaws. The vet said he would rather deal with a Pit rather than any other dog. He also said in the past, people would call Pit Bull's "nanny dogs" because before child neglect came into the picture,  adults would leave their children with just the dog alone. Which I thought was so interesting because of the fact that they are now classified as being "aggressive".

Can you imagine that? 

Sweetie is such a joy to have around. We love her so much and are excited to find her forever Pit-loving home.

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