Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photography Workshop

For Valentines Day Trav got me a groupon to be able to go to a Photography class thinking by this time in my life I would have an SLR camera. However, when I went to look for a "fancy" camera, I felt overwhelmed trying to look for a camera. It was because 1.) it is a lot of money and 2.) there are too many buttons - how on earth do you learn what every function is about??!

So I showed up to class with my laughable Point and Shoot camera expecting a couple snickers. However, they were great, telling me that there are a lot of options and that most of the stuff we would be learning today I would be able to do on a point and shoot camera. There was a girl there that told us that she had her SLR camera for four years now and barley knew how to use it which made me feel much better because I feel like I would be the same way.

It was awesome to learn about Marco, ISO, color brightness, shutterspeed, and about different little things. No longer will we be using the "Auto" on our camera, instead we will be using the "P" mode. I was pleasently surprised that a point and shoot even had options.

For having a Point and Shoot camera, the photos turned out well. Dontcha think?

What kind of camera do you use? What are the pros and cons about it?


  1. Think you need to do a blog tutorial please! They're great photos. I have a point and shoot cam too!

  2. WOW ash! Those are awesome pics!!


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