Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Planning Mayham

Getting married is supposed to be the best day of your life (besides your kids being born and etc).

But I am already stressed out. Which means: I'm stressing Travis out.

I know that you can't please everyone, but I'm getting worried about our date. People are already saying things that makes me pretty upset (which is the nice way to put it).

"It's going to be cold" "Are you going to have heaters?" "What kind of food are you having?" "What - no Polish food?" "Why don't you have it (place)?" "Are you sure you don't want to have it (place)? It’s really nice there." "They say it's going to be awfully cold during that time of the year." "Some people may not show up to the game since it's a home game - they may go to that instead" "Since Notre Dame is playing the cost of hotels are going to sky rocket and they may not be able to get a room." "The traffic will be really bad that day."

Um, I get it. But you know what, this isn't your wedding. I shouldn't have to explain to people why we chose our date, or our location, or what food we will have nor should we have to change our date because there will be a homegame that day. If you don't like it: tough - no one is forcing you to go. I'm open for suggestions but not for complaints. 

Plus, no matter what time of the year we have it or even with the location, who knows. I mean there are haboobs in Arizona, cold weather/extremely humid weather in Indiana, and hurricanes in New York (okay - so that one is just out there).

This is supposed to be a very special time in our lives and all these comments are not helping the beginning of this process. Plus, if I'm getting all worked up about this, what won't I be able to handle when the actual planning starts happening?

On a brighter note, I wanted to give Shardi, from The Blushing Bride, a huge shout-out for all of her helpful ideas on what tod do for our centerpieces. I've been racking my brain and checking online endlessly to find some cute ideas that doesn't require candles or glass (since our venue doesn't allow them). Thank you Shardi so very much for making this part of the wedding planning less stressful! J I love all the unique ideas and am pretty stoked that not being able to have candles or glass isn't going to limit me to cute ideas. 

Thanks for all listening to me rant. I'm all done and got that out of my system.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Date Night

Last night Trav and I drove up to Lake Pleasant to go shooting.

To be honest the gun is a little scary, but it's not that bad. After shooting the gun for a while, we decided to have our picnic and watch the sunset.

It was beautiful. :) Trav and I had an incredible night and on the way home, he surprised me with dessert at Dairy Queen!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Our Little Buckeyes

So although we're not talking about the outcome of the last game.. we had some major supporters.

Archie watching the game with Daddy
Archie doing the Heisman pose

Tatum wearing his Ohio State jersey

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photography Workshop

For Valentines Day Trav got me a groupon to be able to go to a Photography class thinking by this time in my life I would have an SLR camera. However, when I went to look for a "fancy" camera, I felt overwhelmed trying to look for a camera. It was because 1.) it is a lot of money and 2.) there are too many buttons - how on earth do you learn what every function is about??!

So I showed up to class with my laughable Point and Shoot camera expecting a couple snickers. However, they were great, telling me that there are a lot of options and that most of the stuff we would be learning today I would be able to do on a point and shoot camera. There was a girl there that told us that she had her SLR camera for four years now and barley knew how to use it which made me feel much better because I feel like I would be the same way.

It was awesome to learn about Marco, ISO, color brightness, shutterspeed, and about different little things. No longer will we be using the "Auto" on our camera, instead we will be using the "P" mode. I was pleasently surprised that a point and shoot even had options.

For having a Point and Shoot camera, the photos turned out well. Dontcha think?

What kind of camera do you use? What are the pros and cons about it?

Love Conquers All

The other day Trav and I had a little "disagreement". Actually, it wasn't really even a disagreement. I broke something and Trav tried to fix it and wasn't able to at the time so he understandably got upset because he thought it would cost us a couple hundred dollars. I know at this point of time to walk away before something is said that we both regret. So I did. We both apologized about twenty minutes later. Just a little tiff, not anything big.

So the other day I came home from work with dinner on the table and this:


And he surprised me with some flowers that were beautiful.

Aahhh.. I love him. To the moon and back.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My little helpers

These little ones love dirty dishes! They have to make sure they are wiped spotless before getting washed. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cardinals Game

We were able to score some AWESOME free tickets to a Cardinal's preseason game :)

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