Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wing Eating Contest

Trav: the wing eating man?

Trav decided within a few hours of eating In-N-Out and sharing an ice cream that he wanted to join a friend in the local Wing Eating Contest that day, so we drove to Native New Yorker and joined his friend there. We weren't expecting anyone to really take this serious but there were people actually in training for it! On top of all that, the Native New Yorker Champion wing eater was there who won 3 times in a row! Check this guy out:

*p.s. you might want to turn off the music on the bottom to listen*

Anyways, on to the competition (sorry for the poor quality of photos)

...then my camera died :( I was hoping I would be able to get more photos, and I found these on Native New Yorker:

Final Results: *drum roll please*

In 11 minutes...

Fredy ate 36 wings
Trav ate ‎1.3 IBS/(42Wings)
Collin (the wing champ) ate 90 some wings and won round 1.

Collin has 9 kids, and is planning on winning the Toyota Trunda (the final round), selling it, and donating the money to different organizations like he does every year! :)

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