Monday, August 8, 2011

Tatum & Friends Adventures

These are my new kicks. One shoe, thanks to Dougy, is now chewed up. I didn't get to wear them out even once yet.

I then came home to another chewed up shoe (again one of my favorites):

And also a chewed up internet battery cord, a and a shredded up pillow. No bueno. I was not a happy camper.

Trust me, these little ones are not innocent as they look:

Trav even came home the other day to find Sweetie chewing on some bitter apple spray that is supposed to keep her from licking her foot. Obiviously, it doesn't work. She licks her foot even more when it's sprayed on. She picked it out of the box and decided she wanted something good to chew on. I should have known since they both love apples.... even the green ones!

Tatum seems to like it as well.


  1. Oh, goodness! What a handful!

    Your title got that song 'Pumped up Kicks' stuck in my head.


  2. Haha! This is so cute. Dogs will be dogs I guess. But, you have to love them anyway. Love the blog. I am now following.

    Check out my blog too. Great wedding ideas!


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