Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Newest Addition to the Family

I said it! And guess what? It's not a dog!!

... Don't fool yourself, it's not a baby either..

He's a kitten. :) 

*Wait for it* Whattttt?? We didn't even know we were cat people!

World, meet Archie:

Oh my goodness, isn't he soooo adorable??

So the story goes: on August 21, 2011 Trav and I went to Michael's to look at some wedding stuff. There just happens to be a Petsco located next door with a welcoming sign that declared, "Adoption Day". So I made my way towards Petsco's doors. Trav followed confirming every step of the way, "We're not getting another animal." Blah, blah, blah... my response, "You can't help who you fall in love with," praying that I wouldn't really fall in love with another animal. But I am such a sucker.

Bringing Archie home: he didn't like to be contained and broke out of the box.
The moment we walked in the door, a woman stopped us, asking us if we were interested in adopting.  Since Trav said we foster animals and we're not interested, she put little "Spanky" in my arms. This little, tiny, orange tabby kitten automatically started purring the second you would put him in your arms. Dangit. This wasn't supposed to happen. But Archie had me with his first purr.

The next thing we knew we were playing with him in the adoption glass window. Spanky didn't want to leave our site and was more interested in us rather than the environment or toys laid out in front of him. I insisted that we needed him and pouted like a little girl. Trav finally agreed after realizing how cute he was and watching how Spanky interacted with us. He would say yes in 2 conditions 1.) If Tatum liked him and 2.) If I would clean his litter box every day making sure that the house would not smell like cat. I win.

We got Tatum and brought him to the local Petsco. Tatum has never interacted with a cat, except for barking at the seven cats in the crazy cat lady's yard. (She literally has like 8 of them in her front yard). When Spanky's crate was placed on the floor next to him Tatum automatically got in his pointing stance (that's the Pointer in him) to tell us, "something is in there!" When Spanky made his apperance out of the cage, Tatum watched him for a while and then started licking him!

After that, Trav and I were sold and left with a $25 dollar cat (who came neutered with his shots) and $100 in cat supplies.

"Spanky" now Archie, has been a great kitty ever since. He adores people and doesn't even mind the dogs (even though Sweetie took a while to adjust and had to calm down after wanting to eat him at first). Archie adores having his belly rubbed, loves to cuddle, and is already litterboxed trained!

And my allergies? They lasted for the first day where my eyes were watery and puffy. I thought I would have to sacrifice my health for him, but it all panned out, and it's all good.

And who couldn't resist that pink nose?

We named him Archie after another Ohio State football player because we have to keep the Ohio State theme goin'! :)

P.S. We are going to have to work on his camera skills though since he doesn't like to pose!


  1. SO CUTE. That last picture of Tatum and Archie snuggling...adorable. Congrats on your new fur-baby :)

  2. Awwww how CUTE that it was love at first sight (or lick...) for Tatum! One thing I've learned with cats is not to touch them and then touch my eyes - I always wash my hands first. Then I'm fine :) .



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