Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet our Marley

This is Dougy.

We decided to foster him because 1.) he is so handsome 2.) he's young (and who doesn't want a pup?) 3.) no one else seem like they pulled him out of the kennel - so I didn't understand why a young little one would still be there 4.) he would be gone in a couple weeks like any of our other fosters.

Wrong (about the last one).

This is the dog that we have fostered for probably at least 3 months. Did I mention these were 3 LONG months??!!

At first, he was scared of us (being in a new home -- this was understandable), peed everywhere in the house ALL the time (he couldn't learn the bell like the other dogs), and didn't know what the word, "no", "down", or "off" (thinking he might of knew what one of them meant). He assumed it meant the opposite. He was a wild child.

Overall, Dougy was a hot mess right down to his fur. No joke, we would give this boy a bath and we could fill a grocery bag of his fur.

After having him for a couple days, we were ready to take him back to the rescue group to tell them that A.) This dog is nuts B.) He's untrainable and C.) That we couldn't handle him. Yet, we didn't want to give up on him because this poor dog was stuck in the crate a month before we got him and putting him back in the crate would only make it worse. Maybe because he was stuck in the crate for a month before we got him was the reason why he was misbehaving so much. It also could be because we have two other dogs in the house, which could majorly distract him from trying to learn anything new.

After a month and a half later, you were still stepping in what you were hoping was "water". Dougy was still not willing to listen, making it cause a strain in Trav's and I's relationship (from always being stressed), the other dogs to act crazy because they were somewhat jealous that he was getting more attention than they were, and etc. On top of that we didn't get any phone calls on him. Not what we were expecting at all - since most of our fosters are gone in 2 weeks. On top of this, a sure way to get a foster dog adopted is to take him/her to the meet and greets. I seemed to do this every week and no one seemed to take on any interest because 1.) he's young and not trained and 2.) he's a mix 3.) he's a black lab - and some reason, black labs are harder to adopt than the yellow and chocolate. 

We were ready for him to get adopted, but we didn't want to put him back in the crate that he was left in previously for a month. And when we were about to...
The dogs in our rescue group had a serious viral disease that was going around effecting the dogs that were in kennels. It is so serious that it can literally kill a dog and is so contagious, that people were asked to stay away from them for their own protection. So putting him back inside the kennel was  a no-no.

Dougy started becoming popular after this since we only had a few dogs that could be shown. So we would take him to the home visits and he would not bond with the people or he didn't like the people.  By this time, Dougy finally started coming around - not having any accidents, listening a little bit more, and started following us around everywhere. I started asking Trav if we could get him dog training classes so that way we could adopt him. His answer: no.

In a home visit instance, we took him to a family (who were very nice) but Dougy didn't want anything to do with them, so he was around us the whole time and wouldn't leave our sight, unless he wanted to smell his environment. He could care less about the dog that they had (and Dougy LOVES other dogs), he didn't play with the 8 year old boy that I thought would be best friends with him (which really surprised us because he adores kids). The deal setter was when Dougy went upstairs and took a poop in one of their bedrooms. Dougy seemed like he was going to be stuck with us forever.

After that home visit, Dougy started acting like when we first got him. He started to lose all the confidence that we installed in him, started peeing on our new mattress (thankfully we had a mattress cover otherwise it would void the warranty), peed on our couch, and started peeing everywhere in the house again. After this, we wanted to take him back again. But we decided not to because we knew that all these home visits were very stressful, we just had to be patient. So we were.

Then we got a simple phone call that we have been waiting for: a family wanted to come and visit Dougy since they would be in town (they live in Tuscon - which is about 2 hours away).They came, saw Dougy in his natural state (very different when there is not 2 other dogs in the pictures), fell in love and vice versa. So, they came on Monday back on Monday night to pick him up.

When Dougy was leaving, he smoothered us with kisses as a thank-you for all that we have done, and then jumped in his new family's car.


We cried. I've never seen Trav so sad, but happy at the same time. I'm still tearing up thinking of the little squirt. I mean - here is the dog we couldn't wait to get rid of and now he's the one that we're crying over because he got a new home.

Oh Dougy, how we miss you, but so incredibly happy that you found a new home!

Update: Dougy now "Cody" is doing great! He gets to lay on the couch whenever he wants, he has a ton of new toys to play with and is adoring his new bellyrubs by his new family. He's spoiled rotten, however, he does have a training class tomorrow. LOL.


  1. OH MY GOD Ashley, this post made me sob!! What a happy ending :)

  2. I have never heard of Dog fostering ever?! It is so cool you do and Dougy is beautiful!


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