Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Haboobs

Arizona is usually a safe place: no tornadoes, hurricanes, winter blizzards, earthquakes (I don't think...), etc. But, we have had not one, but two, haboobs (known as a dust storm) this month.

The first one took place on July 5th.

We did not get the chance to witness it since we were out of town, but we saw a little bit of the aftermath They said that this haboob was pretty large, most of them are usually only 10 miles long, but this one was 70-80 miles long. A friend said that it was nuts: the smoke alarms were going off in their apt. complex and someone had to shut them off individually.

 July 21, 2011
The second haboob wasn't as bad. This one we saw coming. My going-to-be father in law was in the lounge chair, reading a book, and all of a sudden you saw this huge thing of just darkness and dirt coming our way. He got up and took cover in our patio. All of a sudden, there was a massive amount of rain that came crashing down and the wind was a blowin'. Not only did we have a haboob, but it was more of a like a monsoon as well. (It only hit in the west part of the valley). Trav was at work and only saw only the haboob. Of course I forgot to take pictures - it would have been really cool to have a picture of Bill in the lounge chair and the dust storm heading our way. Oh well. So instead, I'm stealing some more pictures of the storm.

A haboob approaches Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Monday evening. (Photo by Josh Radtke/The Arizona Republic)
We survived that!
Have you had any crazy weather lately?


  1. I was there at the Phoenix airport for the July 5th one! I thought of you. I haven't posted my photos yet, but it was crazy town. And amazing! The most amazing natural sight I've ever seen.

  2. That looks terrifying to me! I don't know if I could handle that. Here, the worst thing we have is a few brush fires a year, and none of those really come that close to home. How you do it is beyond me. Be safe, girl!


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