Monday, July 18, 2011

The Grand Canyon/Route 66

My family came up to visit not too long ago, so I'm a little behind on the posts, but we had a great time. I will be breaking the places we went to visit in sections since we took so many photos and because I don't like to leave any photos behind!

Sadly, my parents weren't able to go to the Grand Canyon with us because their flight was delayed for 18 hours. However, we were able to meet up with my uncle's daughter, Kristie and her boyfriend Edgar, who were visiting Vegas.

We drove on Route 66 to get up to the Grand Canyon, but we were were unable to stop at many places since we were on a time restriction. That's def. one thing we regret. 

Route 66

The Grand Canyon 

We went up to the West rim with the skywalk, where the Skywalk was. We decided because since it was $44 (per person) just to get in, paying an extra $30 (per person) to walk the skywalk just wouldn't of been worth it. I'm sure it would have been nice (but Trav and I are cheap). Our view was beautiful though. I would suggest to go to the South Rim/North rim though. Those are the sides that are breathtaking, I was a little disappointed with the west rim.

Have you ever gone to the Grand Canyon?

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