Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Questions

Thank you all you lovlies out there for the congrats!! We couldn't be more excited! And I can't wait to share all my wedding planning adventures with you. But I don't want to become too obsessed, so let me know if I am or not.

Becoming a newly engaged couple, there are many questions that pop up, but the two main ones so far have been,

"Have you set a date yet?"

Friends,  we just got engaged. So no. LOL. This is also because 1.) We don't know where we are going to have it. Everyone is back from Indiana - but we really don't want to have it in Indiana. We would like a small wedding, and I don't believe that would happen in Indiana. We could set the location in WI where we got engaged - but it may be a little difficult to book cabins or whatnot. Or we could have it in Arizona - but I would hate for all the guests to purchase plane tickets & also then hotel rooms. That's a lot of money just for a weekend, when instead if we have it in WI, they can pay the same around the same amount and get a cabin connected to a lake for a week. 2.) Trav wants to go back to school. So he has been applying for schools. He has an interview soon (cross your fingers!) but the program is a two and a half years! When we do get married we would like to take off at least 2 weeks, and he wouldn't be able to do that with school. So we may have to wait until after he graduates. But, one step at a time. 3.) Planning a wedding is stressful! I got my first bridal magazine & uh, the stress! There are so many things that you have to do, and I'm just not completely ready for the stress. We want a cheap wedding, NOT a crazy out of this world wedding that we're going to have to pay off for years to come.

"Were you surprised?"

Yes, but at the same time, I knew something was going on. One day, I came home early and Trav wasn't home. He had my phone since he took me out earlier for lunch. When he came home, he was acting different, and all in smiles. I asked him what he was doing, and he told me he was looking at bikes. However, he didn't say anything else, and because thinking that it was a ring, I laughed and didn't mention anything else.

BUT, about a week ago, while I was cleaning I found a piece of paper that stated he withdrew money from his bank account. I confronted him and he said, "I might have put some money to hold a bike for 30 days." I got upset and started questioning why he would have done such a thing without confronting me.  We always discuss money matters. Trav laughed and said, "You didn't even ask me anything about the bike". At this time, I didn't really want to know.

But I still had an itching that something might have been up. So, I called my mom of course! Before we left for the trip Trav told me that he probably wasn't going to do anything about the bike and that he would get his money back when we got back from vacation and from thereon, he didn't want to talk about it.

When Friday rolled around, my dad came to pick me up from the airport. He told me that Trav stopped by early. But, he didn't say anything about the obvious.

It was Saturday evening, and Trav told me that, "If I'm a little mushy all around you. Let me know!" I looked at him dumbfounded and asked, "And why would you do that?" Little did I know!

Monday rolled around, and Trav didn't act any different than normal. Then he popped the question, and somewhere in between I think I said yes. LOL.

Now... let's get this show on the road!


  1. I thought something was up when I saw you guys on Friday! He seemd like nervous or was a little weird...however, I don't know him that well, so I didn't think anything of it haha! As for the when/where/how big thing. You guys do what YOU want to! It's YOUR wedding. Not everyone elses:-) If you want to have just it! (I promise not to be mad haha!) Hell, Chad and I got married in a courthouse haha. Eventually we'll have our "big" ceremony, but it was just fine for us! Whatever you guys decide, it needs to be what YOU want period!! LOVE YOU!!!

    P.S. it wont let me comment again ugh-Bri

  2. This is adorable - how you knew but didn't. My niece and nephew just had a small intimate family and best friends only ceremony on Friday and the actual wedding ceremony and celebration on Monday with 200+ people there. It was perfect - they were so less stressed on Monday and weren't worried if everything didn't come out perfect as it was already official. I loved it! Just an idea if it'd make any of your thoughts easier! xo


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