Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

Trav ran the Warrior Dash on Sunday and loved every minute of it! He went with a guy from his work and his family (who even came into town all the way from Indiana). It looked like so much fun, that I must say, that I'm planning on doing it next year!! 

Trav and his buddies were supposed to train for it for months before, but needless to say, that didn't happen. It's a good thing that even though they were jumping through fire, climbing over haystacks, climbing through mud, and other obstacles, at least it wasn't too challenging. Even though, all the guys ended up with battle wounds. 

And man, check out these hunks:

Warrior Dash 2011

 Hot stuff, huh? 

Oh and Trav cleaned off in the hillbilly hot tub, where he loaded up the kiddy pool in the back of the truck, filled it with water, and then bathed in it - butt naked.

I was even more excited that after we got home, Trav shaved his handle-bar mustache that he was growing for the special event.

Bye, bye, bye, silly looking mustache!
Oh, and yes, Sunday was my birthday. Dana, Matt's sweet wife, made some yummy cupcakes :0)

So are you in for next year??!!!


  1. My brother and sister in law were there. Next year I am so in!

  2. Those outfits are hysterical!!! Oh my gosh. Looks like such a fun time. I had never heard of it until this year, when a couple of my other fb friends were talking about it! I love Travis' "bath" too, lol. We should all do it next year!!


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