Sunday, May 8, 2011


Scott texted us and asked us if we wanted to do some paintballing tonight  (Scott and Sharlene adopted our foster dog, Annie) a $30 value for an hour for free. After my lovely birthday dinner, we were up for it because neither of us have done it before. And what's a couple of fresh brusies? It sounded like fun - until we got there. 

The first thing that happened when we walked into the building was that we had to sign our lives away, like literally (okay, maybe not so much). Then we were taken into a "secret" (okay, not really) room to watch the video. The video consisted of game rules, how to load the gun, and what to do when you get shot. The video made one point very clear: And if anything, don't take your mask off, otherwise your eye socket will get blown out. 

Um, that was not exactly how I wanted to die. After watching the video, everyone started putting their gear on and was super excited. But me? My heart started pounding in my chest. I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack trying to remember everything that I needed to, because... I was going to be getting shot at and I'm not exactly excited about pain. 

And it probably didn't help that not only were the nine of us going in together, BUT Trav wanted to be on the opposite team of me, so he could get me out. What a loveable boyfriend right?! Yupp, that's what I thought. Then there were some more people who were considered to be more "professionals" then us first timers.

You only live once, and I had to do this. 

I got inside. The refrees told us what we needed to do, and then the whistle blew. (Trav was stuck on my team first) but within the first 30 seconds, he got out. I stayed behind in one hiding place, shooting the people when I saw their heads pop out. Then after five minutes or so, the timer went out. I SURVIVED - I didn't even get shot at!

It was actually fun! But for the second game, I wanted to get a little braver. This time I was ready, but now Trav wasn't going to be on my team. So I had to shoot him.

The second game, I hid behind two different inflatable blocks. This time, I kept my eyes on one person.... and after shooting at them for about a minute, finally, I saw her lift her gun up and run to the side. I shot her!

I started getting a little more confidence for the next two games we played since I never got hit.Trav, on the other hand, didn't end up shooting anyone, and within the first 30 seconds of every game, he would end up getting shot at. 

But then at the last game, all of a sudden, I felt a spray of something close to my head. It was a feeling of too close of comfort, so I ran out, saying I was shot, even if I didn't feel anything. 

I took my mask off and behold, there was paintball splatter on the top. Thankfully, it was on my mask, so I didn't feel anything. After that, I was done for the day, plus our hour was almost up.

We are def. going to be doing this again.

Have you ever been paintballing before?


  1. Awesome! Paintballing is fantastic. I'm glad you went for it and didn't chicken out. The pain isn't fun, but it's REALLY not that bad. Good for you, sweetie. =]

  2. Ooh, how scary! Go you for not getting hit! I've never tried it and never wanted to, but now I might be brave enough after reading this.


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