Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Trav was one lucky son of a gun and went to Germany for a whole ten days. I wanted to share some of the photos he took. (And yes, there is lots, because... well... how many people have actually gone to Germany??) Trav met up with his best friend, Dan, who is working there for the next six months. I am sad that I missed out on all the fun.

Where's the coolest place you have visited outside of the United States?


  1. Funny, you should ask, Brando has been to Germany. He's German, actually, so he's gone probably four or five times as a kid. He didn't take any pictures, though - at least, none that I've seen, so this is fun to see!

  2. Ok, there's NO WAY he took those pics....right? They are AMAZING!!! I'm glad you posted this blog cuz I def meant to go to his page and look at ALL the pics and now, I will be going to do that:-) I have never been outside of the US. I'm a lame. I know. haha

  3. Beautiful... I'm so jealous, I can't stand it! I'm hoping that I get to a point where I can travel. Sometimes it's so hard to be "responsible", but at least I can look at these beautiful pictures, right? =]


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