Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 Year Anniversary

Because Friday wasn't long enough, we ended up splitting our anniversary into Friday and Saturday.

On Thursday after finding out that I got the job that I wanted Trav came home and surprised me with two different kinds of flowers. One was for getting the job, and the other one was for our two years as an early gift. Isn't he sweet?

Day 1: Picnic 

Okay, so it wasn't exactly what I planned. But whenever is it? I wanted to be just Trav and I but he wanted to have the dogs come along.  Of course, they ended up coming along for the entertainment. 

We had a good 15 minutes to eat because we didn't want to be late to meet the potential adopters (and Saturday would be a bad day to have a meet and greet).

Tatum kept trying to eat our food and was in our faces most of the time trying to lick them. Trav forgot the chocolate strawberries and I ended up forgetting the champagne. 

Overall, it was still beautiful even though we were in a hurry.

Day 2

Um... sooo.... I forgot to take photos. How come that always happens?

But after Sinbad, now George, got picked up by his new family (see pic below), 

Trav and I went golfing. Usually I just ride along in the cart, but this time because there were SOOOOO many people on the golf course - I took advantage of it, and started golfing in my dress and flip flops! This was my first time ever on a real golf course. It was a lot of fun and I wish I could get more into it but I played horrible. I was basically playing putt-putt and Trav wasn't in the swing of things either where he kept hitting the balls towards people's houses. Oops. But it made us feel better when one guy told us that he saw someone climbing his fence earlier trying to get his golf ball.

Then we went to Tagliana's for dinner and we split a salad, an entree, and a pitcher of beer. Have you ever been there? If you live in AZ and haven't you need to! The service and the food was all excellent. A little pricey for us, BUT it was our two year anniversary and celebration was in order! We will def. be going back there again. I highly recommend this place, esp. because it is family owned.


My big plan was for us to go and ride around in some go-carts because it just sounded like pure fun. Trav didn't want to because he thought it would be more fun to have other people go with us. We ended up deciding to go at a different time.

Thanks to Austin Sundrops suggestion,  I thought we could make a ceramic piece together, but then we would have to have it fired and whatnot which could take a while. I thought it would be better to do this another time because we have been spending a lot of money lately (mattress, plants, pool chemicals) and because I won't get paid for almost 3 weeks. But, I can tell you, this sounds like incredible fun and we will end up doing it one day! :) 

Instead, we planted some plants in our backyard and we decided that they would be for our two year anniversary and over the years we could watch them grow. 


  1. Ok, of COURSE you would have "forgotten" your camera the day YOU golf! I think secretly, you really did take pics and are just too afraid to show us. BOO HOO on YOU! LOL!! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! (I'm jealous) You need to get on Chad about getting me flowers!! I have been ASKING him to buy me some for MONTHS now. And he just refuses to do it:-( Makes me sad......I didn't even get any for V-Day!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your job!!! How exciting!! SO happy for you it's the one you wanted! Love your anniversary celebrations! That picture of you two is precious and will be such a fun photo to look back on for your two year anniversary. And so perfect that you planted plants together.

    Oh, and for the future they have pottery places you can go and pick your piece, paint, and fire it all in one to make it easy. They're still pricey, though. There's one in Phoenix called As You Wish. There's another in Glendale called The Craft Retreat - they do other scrapbook things as well.


    I love the gifts you did...I think that's way more meaningful than anything else :)


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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