Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Update

I apologize for not being on blogger that much. I have been pretty busy this past week. Kona got adopted by a very nice retired gentleman (Yay! We are however a little sad and miss her a great bunch), we got another dog named Gumdrop who was returned and the rescue group found a new home for her right away. 

We also had a fun whole day at the Science Center where Body Worlds was being presented. You know, the one with the REAL bodies that are shaped into like they were doing something (for instance yoga or skateboarding)? It was pretty interesting, but after seeing babies and whatnot, Trav and I decided to head out (because I started to feel a little yuckie). **Warning: You should eat a little something before seeing things like that** But for Trav, it was fun because he's a nurse and gets into all those kind of things. LOL.

Anyways, we had some fun doing some of the kids stuff too:

Check out Trav on the bed of nails! He's so brave! LOL. 

Then we headed our way to the Indians Spring Training game:

They finished a little early and sadly the Indians lost, BUT, because we were ones of the last people to leave, someone from the Indians team threw a ball to Trav. See how excited Trav is? It is better than last time where he fought some little kids for the ball and won. LOL.

We found the players afterwards while they were loading onto the bus and asked some of them for autographs. Most of the players got onto the bus, but some of them were nice enough to sign. :) 


  1. I wish I could plant flowers right now!! Unfortunately the snow and chances of freezing are still high :( wahhh! I agree though, adding just a little touch of color can definitely make or break an area!! Love those flower pots, so cute!

  2. Sounds like you've been buisy! I don't think I could've gone to that museum. It sounds yucky. I think I'd get a little [lot] sick...

  3. That's so funny that Trav fought kids for the ball and won. Last time we were at a hockey game one of the guys gave Shawners a puck - that was awesome.

    So glad the adoption thing is working out - I wondered if you would be a little sad when she left. It sounds like they have plenty more who need temporary homes, though!


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