Sunday, March 27, 2011

It feels good to be me

I saw this on some other blogs, so I wanted to join in :)

i am:: a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend, and a puppy mom
i want::  the whole world to be at peace

i have::  a pretty good damn life
i wish:: that my friends and family lived much closer
i hate:: being so far away from everyone
i miss:: the days when I thought this world and people were perfect
i fear:: being alone
i hear:: birds chirping outside on this beautiful Arizona day
i search:: for a way to change this world
i wonder:: what my kids will look and will be like
i love:: God, my family, my boyfriend and my puppy
i ache:: when other hearts break
i am not:: a person you should have to lie to
i dance:: in my car to the point that my car shakes
i sing:: loud and off key anytime I hear music
i cry:: when I am happy or when something extremely sad happens
i am not always:: right, but at least I admit it
i write:: to remember my life because I fear that since I have such a bad memory, that I won't remember
i confuse:: and make things more complicated than they should be
i need:: a tan
i should:: read more
my father thinks i am:: his little girl
my mother thinks i am:: a daughter that makes her proud
my boyfriend thinks i am:: his princess
three things i'm often complimented for are:: 1.) Always being happy 2.) My smile 3.) My eyes
what makes me happy:: being surrounded by the people I love, beautiful weather, and being at home
it upsets me when:: I can't save everything. I don't like to see people/animals being homeless
------ What Is...
the last image/thought you went to sleep w/ last nite::
how lucky I am

your best feature:: my personality
your sign::
Taurus (which means I'm pretty stubborn)

natural hair color:: brown
natural eye color:: brown
birthplace:: Indiana
fav. number:: 13
pink and yellow

day:: Saturday
month:: any summer month
song:: basically any country song with a good beat
food::  chocolate and anything not healthy for you
season:: it's usually summer, but since moving to Arizona, I'm going to say Spring/Fall
sport:: football
drink:: water

Hope everyone has a good week! :)

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  1. I will be doing this today or tomorrow! Be on the lookout for it:-)


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