Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine's Day loves! :) I hope you had an excellent day with all kinds of love from friends, family and maybe a very special someone.

Trav had to work today, but he made sure to surprise with me with some beautiful flowers on Sunday night (in the picture above, beautiful, huh?) before he took me out to dinner. So today I made sure that I made a great dinner waiting for him: steak and potatoes.

Trav also surprised me with the news that for V-Day/my birthday that he's getting me a camera! Not just any ordinary camera but one of those fancy cameras (and I get to take a class since I'm a beginner). Yay! Good thing Trav knows me perfectly and that my dream secretly is to become a photographer (even though that will never happen). For his V-Day gift, I'm getting his windows tinted in the truck.

So we went a little overboard. But next year, we will have to set a budget!

Over the weekend, we went on a little adventure, taking the truck out rough-roadin':

The first big adventure my new camera will be taking on is Germany (yes, the country). Trav is going to Germany for a week, so I'm forcing him to take my camera. I can't afford to go out of the country and since I am still looking for a job, I don't know when I my future will call. Don't worry though, I already told Trav that it is not fair that he gets to go to Germany without me so we have decided that one day we will visit Italy.

Since I'm getting closer to become a little photographer (having a big wig camera and all), I think Trav has a secret passion for it too. Look at the photos he took while I was out of town:

So dear friends, does anyone have any advice on what big girl's camera is the best? Or perhaps what they like or don't like?


  1. happy valentine's day!! we had steak and potatoes too :)

    as for the camera... i hear the canon rebel is really good but i wouldn't really know. i love my camera but it isnt super fancy... its the canon powershot s95.. its pretty awesome :)

  2. I have NO advice on cameras because I still have a boring digital one. I want a big wig one too someday! BUT If you become a big wig photographer, you can SO photograph us! LOL!!! We'll be your test models...ok the girls will be haha! And I said it on your fb picture but I'm saying it again, to really rub it in.....those pics of you with the gun? SCARY! Love ya!

  3. I'm still saving my pennies for a big girl camera, enjoy every minute of it! :) Beautiful photos you've taken so far! :)

  4. I'm excited for you to get a fancy camera! haha nikons are my love, you know this but canons are really good too. I can give u more tips when we hang out :)I forsee us getting together to take pics to practice in the future

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful happy love day! I have a nikon d70s DSLR and I love it. I think you'll be happy whether you get a canon or nikon DSLR, as far as I know there aren't a ton of differences.


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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