Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Heart

Today, I have finally feeling back to myself where I'm starting to get my little spunk back. Maybe this is why:

#1. Trav and I decided to foster little fur balls.

We have decided that we have so much love to give that helping a dog until it can find it's new  home would be a great idea. So tomorrow we are planning on going to a couple different shelters to see what we need to do and whatnot and how this whole fostering thing works. Hopefully everything will work out perfect and the Tater can have a new playmate.

#2. Trav will be starting on days! Yes, finally! No more night times by myself. So it'll be less income, but more time with the honey. To me that means the world.

#3. This ring!

Oh how have I been wanting jewerly lately for a pick me up. So a friend and I walked into a Celebrity Fake store at the mall. This beauty instantly caught my eye and is it a wonder why? So with spending only $28 moolah it was in the bag! Now if I only had some more money to spend on clothes :)

#4. I made a new friend who goes to the church that Trav and I have started going to. She is pretty awesome ANNNDDD her name is Ashley! Sweet! 

#5. This precious puppy.

Doesn't he make you want to snuggle up with him all day?

What has made you happy today?


  1. I cant see the pics of the ring or the puppy:-(

  2. Hey, gorgeous! So happy things are feeling better for you! I've been in a funk myself, with so much disheartening news to bear that it's been difficult to bring myself to read posts of more disheartening news. I feel like my body takes on every sorrow and it just can't handle any more. I'm sorry things have been so down for you, and am so happy things are looking up. Yay for working days, and fostering a new sweetie! Love the ring :) .


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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