Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Kona

Kona is our first foster dog. Isn't she way adorable? We got the home inspection on Saturday. That afternoon we went to go to Petsmart to meet some of the other fosters. Someone who found Kona dropped her off about a half of an hour before we got there. She had a microchip and they called the owner. He said he didn't want her and he gave her away a year ago. So where she has been nobody knows. But isn't she precious? So without a second thought we took her into our home right away.

When we brought her home she wasn't sure about anything. Then like Tatum and most dogs that come to our house she got into the pool. She got out right away because it was cold, but then later that day she got into it again! And then a half hour before we had to go to the vet. The vet says she's a 3 year old, happy, healthy girl. And that, she is.

Since she has been with us, she has opened up a lot more. She loves walks, car rides, chewing on bones, and is housetrained. She is scared of tight spaces though and is scared of the crate. Once we were finally able to get her in one, we came home to find that she had gotten out AND that she didn't chew on one thing. She is still getting used to us and has to be around us wherever we go, but once she knows no one is leaving her and she becomes more confident she won't have such an issue with this.

Having two dogs around the house is completely different. Tatum won't leave her alone and has to be biting her ears constantly (his ear fetish). But she just takes it and doesn't seem to mind.

Hope everyone has a great day! And just to make you smile, I'm putting some more pictures of Kona and Tatum.

And I can't say enough about our the lab resuce that we are a part of, Desert Labs. Everyone is truly wonderful. If you have extra time and extra love to give, I think you should think maybe becoming a foster parent. It's one of the most rewarding things I feel like I have been able to do in my life so far (and we've only had her for two and a half days).

If you would like to check out the rescue that I am a part of (Kona isn't on the website just yet) click here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What I Want in a Guy

You may be asking yourself, "why is she posting this?" I'm posting this because I smile ear to ear as I read this list, knowing how lucky I am.  I think every girl should have her standards of things she can live with, or live without.  

I wrote this before I even met Travis. In April 2009, God introduced Travis in my life. I'm the happiest when I am with him.

*Disclaimer: No one is perfect though, not even Travis or I, but we have worked together and have come a long way in our relationship.*

“I’m not settling for anything less than everything”

I want a guy who:

1.)  Will love me no matter what I do. No matter what stupid mistakes I make. No matter how I look. If I gain some weight or if I'm in my sweats all day.
2.)  Will appreciate me and won't take me for granted. Simple things like telling me “thanks” or just give me a massage, just because.
3.)  A guy that I know his family, friends and co-workers. I want to be involved in his life, just not “talk” where nobody has even seen me. I want him to be proud of me to show me off to everyone.
4.)  Will take me places – not ALL the time. Sometimes we’ll need our alone time, but it’s nice to be involved with his life.
5.)  Who will talk to me when they have problems bothering them. Money matters, family matters, friends matters, work matters – just anything. Period. If you can't talk to me then what's the use?
6.)  That I can trust – no matter what. He can know my deepest secrets that no one else knows and vice versa.
7.)  That will brag about me – it would be nice to know that he thinks his girl is special and not someone that digusts you.
8.)  I want to be able to trust him at all times and the same for him with me. I can’t stand liars.
9.)  Will make me feel like I’m the only girl in his life. I don't want to hear talk about other girls who hit on him because he’s so "hot". Nor, do I want want to hear/see him about checking out other girls. You can look and not touch, but you don’t do that in FRONT of your girlfriend.
10.) Someone who will only make me feel beautiful but says that I’m beautiful.
11.) Will buy me flowers once in a while – even though they may be the cheap kind. I don’t have to have them all the time, but it’s just the thought. Isn't that what guys are suppose to do?
12.) Will do sweet little things for me – like take a simple walk, help me out with chores, go to the store with me, or even just help me carry the groceries in. In a relationship, you do things that you don’t necessarily want to do, but you do because you love that person, no matter how much it sucks.
13.) That can make me laugh no matter what, don’t care if I’m in a bad mood.
14.) That will call me in the middle of the day just to tell me he loves me. For no reason, just because.
13.) Someone who can love my friends and family – no matter how crazy they are. They mean everything to me and that will never change.
14.) Someone who still finds me attractive after all the time we’ve been together.
15.) That will kiss me always goodnight, preferably on the forehead.
16.) Someone that supports me – with school and work. I will do the same for him.
17.) That doesn’t tear me down. The person that I love and admire the most shouldn't be cutting someone they supposely love down. The fact is nobody is perfect. Sorry if the food I make is burnt or if I mess up the laundry, but at least I'd be trying.
18.) Someone that I can cuddle with – no matter if his friends are around or what time of day it is. Even if my curly hair is all over or your "too hot".
19.) That will hang out with me some nights even if it’s a guys night. NOT every night, but it shouldn’t kill him to hang out with me once in a while. And it shouldn't be a chore to him to have to hang out with my friends/family. Again, my friends are a part of me and always will be and if you can't do something as hang out with the people that matter to me the most in my life than that's pretty pathetic.
20.)  I want to know about what he thinks. About news, politics, the stuff that's important to him and what he thinks about me. If I mess up, than tell me. If it's not working out, tell me. I don’t want to be hanging out with someone who will dump me in the sight of a another girl  to play mind games around.  I don't want to stay in a relationship that neither one of us is unhappy.
21.) I don’t want to fight all the time. I hate fights and being mad. Again, being unhappy isn't going to work for neither of us. Simple as that.
22.) Where we can prove everyone wrong – with OUR love story. Not anyone else’s. I want to be able to prove that there is a thing as “true love”. One day I'll be old and gre and I want to have my love bug next to me on the front porch. I want to be able to tell people our story and that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
23.) I want a guy who will stick by my side, even if he thinks wherever or whatever we are doing is boring. I don’t want him to leave early and make me feel like an idiot because he didn’t want to be there.
24.) That I can wrestle with and just have fun with. 
25.) That I could have forever with. Every relationship is going to have its ups and downs, but I want to work through that all.
26.) A guy who can prove to me that they’re not all the same. It’s true 98% of guys are just pure jerks. That’s just how I feel and I’m stubborn. It’s hard to change my mind, but if a guy is worth it he should be able to change my mind easily.
27.) I want someone who walks next to me. Not someone who leads.  I want someone who will want my opinion on things to and whose my best friend. The one I can rely on no matter what, and the one that I will always love.
28.) Someone who can do all of that and be amazing. If he can’t do this, then he’s not worth my time and we shouldn’t be together.

And for all of you who are single, I think you should make a list of everything you want in a mate. Because someone who is truly amazing will surpass all of your wants in someone. 

Am I the only dork who wrote out a list of what they wanted in a mate? 
If so, how has it worked out for you?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Date Night

Want to get out for a date night but unable to leave the home? Try a candlelight dinner picnic on the living room floor. Trav and I dimmed all the lights and made our very own pizza! We had a very romantic evening while we sat on the floor, talked, and listened to music. We imagined ourselves in Italy because of the music.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Heart

Today, I have finally feeling back to myself where I'm starting to get my little spunk back. Maybe this is why:

#1. Trav and I decided to foster little fur balls.

We have decided that we have so much love to give that helping a dog until it can find it's new  home would be a great idea. So tomorrow we are planning on going to a couple different shelters to see what we need to do and whatnot and how this whole fostering thing works. Hopefully everything will work out perfect and the Tater can have a new playmate.

#2. Trav will be starting on days! Yes, finally! No more night times by myself. So it'll be less income, but more time with the honey. To me that means the world.

#3. This ring!

Oh how have I been wanting jewerly lately for a pick me up. So a friend and I walked into a Celebrity Fake store at the mall. This beauty instantly caught my eye and is it a wonder why? So with spending only $28 moolah it was in the bag! Now if I only had some more money to spend on clothes :)

#4. I made a new friend who goes to the church that Trav and I have started going to. She is pretty awesome ANNNDDD her name is Ashley! Sweet! 

#5. This precious puppy.

Doesn't he make you want to snuggle up with him all day?

What has made you happy today?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad Things Happen in Three's

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What a year so far. I must say it is not as what I picture it and has some sad things that happened so far.
1.) My grandma passes away.
2.) A teacher from the school where I used to work at daughter who was only twleve years old, unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. I recently learned that she had a heart condition.
3.) While I was (literally) looking at cards for my ex-co-worker, my mom calls me with sad news. My cousin's husband was involved in a hit-and-run. He was walking home with a friend and they were both hit by a car that took off. They are both in the hospital. I'm not too sure on how their condition is at the moment, but I heard it isn't looking so good. Please keep these two guys in your prayers.
It is only the middle of February. Please don't let too many more tragic things continue to happen.

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine's Day loves! :) I hope you had an excellent day with all kinds of love from friends, family and maybe a very special someone.

Trav had to work today, but he made sure to surprise with me with some beautiful flowers on Sunday night (in the picture above, beautiful, huh?) before he took me out to dinner. So today I made sure that I made a great dinner waiting for him: steak and potatoes.

Trav also surprised me with the news that for V-Day/my birthday that he's getting me a camera! Not just any ordinary camera but one of those fancy cameras (and I get to take a class since I'm a beginner). Yay! Good thing Trav knows me perfectly and that my dream secretly is to become a photographer (even though that will never happen). For his V-Day gift, I'm getting his windows tinted in the truck.

So we went a little overboard. But next year, we will have to set a budget!

Over the weekend, we went on a little adventure, taking the truck out rough-roadin':

The first big adventure my new camera will be taking on is Germany (yes, the country). Trav is going to Germany for a week, so I'm forcing him to take my camera. I can't afford to go out of the country and since I am still looking for a job, I don't know when I my future will call. Don't worry though, I already told Trav that it is not fair that he gets to go to Germany without me so we have decided that one day we will visit Italy.

Since I'm getting closer to become a little photographer (having a big wig camera and all), I think Trav has a secret passion for it too. Look at the photos he took while I was out of town:

So dear friends, does anyone have any advice on what big girl's camera is the best? Or perhaps what they like or don't like?

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