Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The hunter

Trav picked up a new hobby: hunting. 

Trav went all out on getting some of his hunting gear. He was super excited and feels pretty "manly". 

Trav couldn't be happier. But me? Not so much. Trav killed two birds. One on his first shot ever (which is I guess really good). I guess it's good that he can provide for us in this way (if we really needed it). But do I really want him to kill anything? And something that I have to eat??? NO. I mean, I eat meat. I just don't eat meat that I know someone who has actually killed it.

So I don't know to be beyond happy for him or to be utterly disgusted? I'm just glad that it's not deer. I hope he doesn't start that. 

Does any of your men hunt? Would/do you eat the stuff they bring home?


  1. uhm nope! my man only shoots things in COD.. & i like it that way :)

  2. Hahaha....Chris hunts elk, deer, coyote, and he really wants to hunt mountain lion. Sorry PETA! But we only eat the elk and deer. Is Travis putting in to be draw for any big game hunts?


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