Friday, January 28, 2011

Shutterfly Review

Yay! It has finally arrived and I am pretty thrilled! You know how I mentioned that I needed to do our 2010 scrapbook? Well I did. Well it's not really a scrapbook - it's more of a photobook. Shutterfly was doing a special promotion that if you ordered by a certain time, you got 20% off of your order. I was in luck because of Best Buy, I was able to get a free 8X8 twenty page photobook, so I combined them together. I was able to make a seventy page photobook for a little more than $40 (free shipping after $40 too!).

I was a little disappointed with the size, but I guess I didn't think of what an 8X8 would look like. The title of our photobook is from a Dave Matthew's Band song titled, "You and Me" {even though apparently, I still got the words mixed up, ha}. 

I really liked Shutterfly but I wanted more of an appearance of a scrapbook. With Shutterfly you have to choose their layouts which only allowed a certain amount of backgrounds and little area to place text where you would want it. So many of my pages were left without text, which I really wanted more of. I didn't really love that part of Shutterfly. 

These colors look a lot more vibrant in person.

So I decided to give my photobook a personalized look, because that's more of what I was looking for. I really like stickers, so I had to add my own, which made it more customized. It might look a little trashy (does it make my photobook look trashy?), but it holds a lot more meaning. For example, for our Valentines Day, I trimmed down a heart sticky that I placed all over Trav's room. And on the next page, I put some 3D snowflakes to add some texture so the page wouldn't be so blah. 

I bought this sticker ("Our New Home") right when I found out that Trav bought a house. I couldn't of been happier when I realized that the sticker would fit perfectly on the page. Again, I was going for more of a customized look, and Shutterfly doesn't really have that. I tried not to go overboard on the stickers, because I'm not really sure how Trav will react, nor do I know if I will like them in the future, so I tried not to go too crazy, plus who knows if my stickers will fall off in the future.

Another thing that I am excited about is that with some personalized touches, I am able to add some of the paint samples and some little flowers that I put on my parent's invitation for their surprise 25th party. I would have shown you these pages (maybe I will later) but I couldn't find a dang glue stick.

I would recommend Shutterfly if you want something fast and easy.


1.) It's easier than putting together a whole scrapbook
2.) Less time consuming 
3.) Decent coupons and deals that seem to happen all the time.


1.) Not able to customize the pages as much as you'd like.
2.) Only a limited amount of text that can be added.

Update: If you're looking for a more customized look, check into Mixbook, it has great reviews. I like it better than Shutterfly. It's pretty easy, even though the tutorial is really short and doesn't explain everything. Mixbook is much more scrapbook friendly which allows you to put a huge selection of stickers, backgrounds, layouts and text wherever you'd like. This appeals to me more even though it is a little more costly and I don't really see any deals on it unlike Shutterfly. I'm pretty excited to see how our 2011 photobook will turn out. :) 

In no way did Shutterfly ask me to do a review. 
This is my personal experience with them 
and my own personal thoughts.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Another reason why I was absent was the reason that I was still able to go with Trav to visit his dad in Texas. We were also able to walk across the border, which was my first time to Mexico!

The first night we got into Texas

The turtle rescue
A live jelly fish washed up on shore
Trav's dad, Bill, eating oysters. Trav and I didn't touch them.
Walking across the bridge. Right side: US Left side: Mexico
Entering: Mexico
(Yes, I made Trav get a manicure with me. He got shiny gloss. Haha. jk.)
Lunch in Mexico.
Looking at the gulf that night  (back in the US) with an orange moon.

Deep sea fishing

Dolphins were following us

On the way back we had more dolphins following us :)

More Pics
We were able to meet up with our friends, Travis (yes another Travis) and Amber.
Trav wrote this in the sand. Isn't he adorable?!  :)

Okay, so that was a lot of photos, but I can't help it! I love them all. Plus, it's so hard to choose between so many photos, so maybe it might make it feel like you were there too? :) 

I am leaving town again this weekend to go back to Indiana (in the 20 degree weather) to be with my mom and to help her with matters. There computer is really, really slow, but I will try (but I can't promise, due to the slow computer) to post and read all of your blogs. :)



I know I have been absent, but as you may be aware, my grandma passed away. I have learned though that through this time, that I have the most amazing followers that I could ever ask for! Thank you all so much for your love and support during this time. It means the world to me to have you girls in my life.

The funeral was beautiful. My grandma looked amazing and so peaceful. I actually took it a lot better than what I thought I would because I know that I'll see her again one day and that she's in a much better place next to my grandpa.

It was nice to see my family, especially everyone who I haven't seen in ages. The only person that was missing was my cousin Matthew who is in boot camp. (The person behind me on the left is our pastor). And in case you were wondering who the guy in the picture with me is my cousin Shane, who is around the same age as I allowing us to have grown up together.

I realized though that the only time people really come together are for two reasons: a wedding (a much happier time) and a funeral (not so happy).
I wish it was more.

And I also realized that you can never take too many photos. So please make sure that you too take as many photos as you can so you can share all the great memories. 

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