Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Claus Comes Tonight

Today, we spent the day opening gifts (Tatum even opened his own gifts), drinking hot chocolate, listening to Christmas music, watching movies and enjoying each others company. Yes, that's right, we did Christmas a little early. This is because Trav has to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. He also wanted to relax the day after we opened presents to relax.

While Trav is reading the book that Santa brought him What it Means to be a Buckeye, I am spending time figuring out some stuff on my new laptop. :) And guess what??! It's a MINI!!! It's super cute and I can take it anywhere.

Here's what today looked like:

This Christmas was amazing, even though I miss my family incredibly much.

I hope you all get everything that you want/need for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Oh and a very special congrats to my friends, Ryan and Kara on their engagement (read their engagement story here) who just got engaged on Saturday. This has been an exciting month for Kara, for she graduated with her masters, they moved into their love nest, and now they are engaged! How EXCITING! Congrats again and love you both!


  1. Wow! I wish I could get my hubby to do an early christmas, haha. That puppy print is cuter than sin! As for the laptop, I'm jealous. I have this massive e-machine sitting on a small coffee table in front of a couch. *sigh*. Oh well. Maybe for christmas!! =]

  2. omg sooooooooooooooooooo precious! YOU too are the cuties ever! <33 awe

  3. Oh my gosh CUTEST Christmas EVER!! I seriously love the photos of Tater...he look so happy, hahaha. Sounds like you guys made out great with all those fab gifts! Ryan's family just sent us a BUNCH this morning and I'm dying to open them. I keep telling Ryan that they'd never know if we opened em early... ;)

  4. Love your Christmas post! And your nail color - I did that same color right before my trip and I even used the gel polish but between suitcases and zippers it only lasted five days. Love your new mini, too!


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