Friday, December 3, 2010

Over a cup of hot chocolate

Heaven: my new addiction
Morning loves!

Have I told you how much I love each and every one of you and how I'd love to meet you all to chit-chat at a local coffee shop? So I really don't like coffee, but it just sounds so fun and as long as they had hot chocolate there we'd be able to sit and talk for hours. 

Can you believe it's December already and most importantly that it's Friday? Wow. Time flies by.

I'm super excited for:

*Trav and I to get our Christmas pictures taken by our friend Liz (who is an awesome photographer!) I'm excited to send Christmas cards with our pictures to everyone (and of course show you guys)! And to make everyone jealous back home there will be no snow in our pictures! LOL. Anyways, Liz is thinking about making her own blog, so once she does, I will def. put a link up to it! But now... what to wear??!
*Getting our Christmas lights back up. Sadly, some of them fell down, so once we have them back up, it'll be much more "Christmasy"
*Watching more Christmas movies - you can never watch enough! Trav doesn't think he has watched Christmas with the Kranks, so we're going to probably have to buy it.
*Having Trav home for the weekend. Yay! This means he doesn't have to work AND he's pretty got most of his homework done. 
*We're either planning on going to first Friday tonight OR we're planning on going to the Suns game. Decisions, decisions.

What has happened so far this week:

*You know how I said that Arizona has a ton of homeless animals here? Well I went to get the mail and this came right up to me:

Okay, so maybe it wasn't this dog, but he looked just like him! I didn't want the poor thing to be roaming around the neighborhood, so I picked him up and brought him home.

Trav:  "We didn't get him in the mail"
Me: "I know, but isn't he cute??"
Trav: "We are not keeping him"
Me: "I think he just escaped. He probably lives close by"
Trav: "If he's going to stay with us until we find his owners, we need to give him a bath."
Me (excited): "Okay, grab the shampoo!"
Trav: "Then we'll take some pictures and put some flyers up"
Me (sad face): "Okay."

And we called him Peanut. The dog was sooo sweet and was SOOOOOOO little. He didn't even look like he needed a bath and that he was well taken care of. After giving him a bath, we heard someone in the neighborhood yelling a name. Trav RAN out the door, but the girl was too fast.

It was my turn to hunt down the owners. So I went to the garage sale down the street to ask them if they seen anyone looking for a dog. Our neighborhood doesn't seem too friendly all the time, so we really haven't gotten to know our neighbors. They seemed really, really nice and like a lot to fun to be around. They even told stories about the time that they had bad neighbors, the S.W.A.T. team even invaded their house. Um, oh my gosh, scary!!!! But thankfully, they are gone now.

After making friends with our neighbors and putting some stuff on hold for the garage sale, I was on the hunt again. I didn't have to go to far, finding a lady who was driving in her car, frantically asking the neighbors if they have seen a dog. It was her granddaughters.

Success! The dog went home happy and the owner didn't have to lose sleep wondering what happened to their little guy. We even learned that the owner's family owns a Sport's bar right down the road. So now we are curious to go. (And who knows, maybe we'll get a discount for being a good neighbor!) Oh and his real name? Wheezy.

Update: What a sad day! The neighbors came over and asked us if we had Wheezy. We told them we found him yesterday. He escaped again today and was hoping we had him. We were actually on our way out to go and get our AZ license and told them we would look for him. On our way out of the neighborhood, there we saw Wheezy. Sadly, he was in the middle of the road. Trav and I went and got a box and took him to their house. The neighbor decided to tell their 7 year old that he ran away. RIP Wheezy aka Peanut. I loved you even though I only knew you for about an hour.

P.S. Later, we found out that they were going through the neighborhood asking neighbors if they saw the dog (after we already found him). To tell a little girl that he ran away instead of being killed, is completely uncalled for. The neighbor even made my other neighbor (in front of the little girl) agree that someone in a "white car" took him. Makes me a little mad because she won't find out the truth until she gets older, and until then, she will always be looking for her little dog hoping that he comes back.

Later that night we watched Cleavland vs. the Heat. As you all should know, Lebron left Cleavland (the people who loved him the most) to go to Miami to be with other well-known players so they could win the Championship. Are you kidding me? You can't do this on your own and instead have to go to a place where there is 3 well-known basketball players so you can win with their help because you don't want to do it on your own? Please. Anyways, the game ended with the Heat kicking Cleavland's butt, but the boo's for Lebron and the t-shirts letting Lebron know how much they hate him now = priceless.

Trav and I went to the grocery store and bought this huge bone for him. Tatum hasn't really carried it around much, but I did capture these pics before my camera battery died. 


What's your big plans for this weekend?

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