Thursday, December 23, 2010

I miss

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I miss my friends and family from back home.  It is obvious. I miss being able to see them any time I wanted. Now, if I want to see them I have to jump on a plane, fly three-thousand miles, while dishing out an additional $300 for a flight that right now I don’t have. I do have Skype where I can see them, which I am thankful for, but it still isn’t the same.
I miss them even more that it is the Christmas season. During Christmas you are supposed to spend time with your family to celebrate Christmas - that is what the Christmas season is all about. I miss our family traditions around the holidays and being with them on Christmas day.
I feel like I am missing things in my life that are supposed to be there.  I miss having cheese and crackers for lunch with my grandma. I am going to miss teaching my sister how to drive.  I am missing watching my “niece” grow up and her little laugh. I am missing watching a friend’s baby grow inside her belly and being able to celebrate her joys of being a mother to her first born. I miss being able to drive to my best friend’s house anytime I wanted. I should be there for all of that.
I am becoming slightly depressed. I think it’s me just finally realizing that I don’t know when the next time I will be able to see them and that a part of me is gone. Trav is always good at listening and since he’s been here longer he says this feeling is normal. I hope that this feeling will be going away sooner than later because I really do love it here. I just miss my friends and family and wish they were closer.

Is there anything that you miss? Or does anyone feel the same way as I do?


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  2. Finally catching up on blogs again, WOOHOO!!

    I don't understand the homesick feeling at all, but I know Ryan has struggled with it and has rough days without being close to his family. It's so strange to be on the other end of it. While I know it's not about me, and it has nothing to do with how close he and I are, it's sad to not feel capable of helping at all. I wish I knew the right words to say to you, too, but I don't, so instead I'll send happy thoughts your way and hope that you find a healthy way to deal with being homesick. <3

    At the very least, you've got our little family to keep you company if you're feeling lonesome :)

  3. AWW!!!!! We MISS you too!!! And we LOVE you so much!!!!! You can call/text ANYTIME day or night babe!!!!!!!


Thanks for being so lovely! :)

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