Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite View

Lately, I feel so blessed beyond words. BUT, when Trav came home today, all I could do was smile. He's everything I have always wanted. He knows how to put a smile on my face everyday. Plus, my heart melted a little when I came into the bedroom and found this:

This has to be my favorite view every morning: waking up to my boys.

Tatum was actually sleeping like that and had his paw over Trav's arm, but he heard me get the camera out and looks at me like, "Mom, why are you bothering Dad and I?" LOL. But I am lucky in love and always will be with these two boys.

P.S. Normally, I do not let Tatum sleep on the bed. This is a rule that Trav and I both set. But when this happens, what can you do?


  1. i know the feeling :) my two boys make me really happy!! but.. my four legged boy sleeps on the bed :( every night!! its a good thing he sticks to the foot of the bed haha

  2. Aw I love when fur babies want to cuddle and fall asleep with you :) Hope you are doing well Ashley! :)


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